View Full Version : Hitman Absolution has Stopped Working

23rd Dec 2012, 20:47
Getting this message from 10-20 minutes of playing Absolution. The game typically freezes, but the audio continues to play in the background for another 2-5 seconds before the whole game locks up and I'm forced to CTRL+ALT+Delete > Task Manager and kill the process

I'll post a Dxdiag report on here shortly. For now here's my specs:

i5 2500k at Stock Settings (3.3GHz)
8GB Ram (Ripjaws X)
Asus P8P67 Pro

Bought Hitman via SimplyGames and redeemed on Steam

Also using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 & MalWare Bytes if that helps (heard reports that anti-virus is conflicting with the game that's all)