View Full Version : Hitman ABSOLUTION Critical BUG

21st Dec 2012, 22:48
The bug is in Blackwater Park.

I have desactivated the retinal scanner and i am going to go up in the elevator.

When i go to the door of the elevator, i cant see the letters "Open" or i cant go in because the door doesnt open.

In several sections of the game, i couldnt see the words that serve to do an action in the game. For example: in the same map (blackwater park), sometimes i can activate the projector, and several times i couldnt it because the letters of the action "activate projector" appears and disappears constantly.

If i cant see the words of the actions, i cant press "E" in my PC to do this action.

It is a terrible bug because i cant finish the game for this bug. In several sections of the game i cant do a lot of actions for this bug.

Please, repair it, i pay for a GOLD versión of Hitman Absolution, not for a Alpha or Beta Version.

PD: i have this PC:

-SO: Windows 7 64 bits
-GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 480
-CPU: i5 750 2.67 Ghz
-RAM: 8 GB

I hope a patch to correct this error. Thanks.