View Full Version : Deus Ex Human Revolution is now a reality

13th Dec 2012, 22:38
Corporation have more power than the government. These people are ghosts, always hiding behind lies and proxy soldiers.


A criminal bank gets away with a slap on the wrist.

14th Dec 2012, 10:10
It has been like this for many years. What a shame.

14th Dec 2012, 10:18
Deus Ex is by now totally obsolete. If you said 10 years ago that the world was ruled by bankers and western democracy is a sham, you were a conspiracy nut. Now it's common knowledge. :p

14th Dec 2012, 10:25
Very true! :D

17th Dec 2012, 04:07
Corporation have more power than the government. These people are ghosts, always hiding behind lies and proxy soldiers.

Actually, big government bails out bad banks and corporations who would've otherwise gone bust. This is called Crony Capitalism aka Facism. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crony_capitalism Most countries today have Cronyism.

An unrestricted big government gradually morphs into a totalitarian gov which has occured multiple times throughout history. Rarely does a big government downsize, unless it has no other options.

Who accumulated the trillions of dollars, euros national debt that western countries have today? That's big government which is overspending for decades. It saddles tax payers with the consequences of its reckless behaviour and the national debt.

The housing bubble was another government created disaster by providing subprime mortgages to people who couldn't afford it.

When big government and Central Banks are large enough to control and manipulate the market and society, it's obivious that corporations lobby them to gain advantages over competitors.

Big government regulations, and Central Banks hurt free market, economic growth and stiffle fair competition among business. In a free market businesses and banks who fail aren't bailed out.

High taxation to sustain big government is another big burden on people who lose incentive to work, and harms economic gowth. Because government is not efficient, it's wasteful for it spends other people's money.

The Central banks have a monopoly on currencies which is enforced by big government. Their Keynesian economic policies are disastrous. Big government's friend is FIAT currencies to endlessly print more money backed by nothing, to fund the growth of enormous welfare governments.

The Central banks manipulate and twist the free market and competition by creating artificial bubbles which leads to malinvestments that causes a boom-bust cycle.

Big government has a monopoly on the use of force, utilizes taxation, public education and it uses such tools to grow ever larger which benefits public workers, politicians etc, until it becomes too expensive and unsustainable.

In a free society, the government is small (or non-existent), with a balanced budget, minimal economic interference. A small government cannot conduct big corporate welfare or oppress people with draconian laws. You should learn about Austrian Economics, see the Ludwig von Mises institute www.mises.org .

17th Dec 2012, 20:20
Too bad the only reason big government never worked before is a lack of communication. No **** the Roman Empire fell. It took six months to get a message from the capital out to the borderlands. "Big government" is not inherently bad. "Small government" is not inherently good. The future of the human race is in big government, and if you don't see that, then either you think the world is really going to end pretty soon, or you're completely blind as to the necessity of distribution entities. If we didn't have big government, we would just have bigger corporations, which are like the same thing, but worse.

All of your arguments fall apart when you realize that money hasn't been backed by anything for hundreds of years. We ran out of gold to back our currency in the 1800s, and even if we did it, the only inherent value in gold is its use in computer parts, because aside from that, it's completely useless. Money isn't real. It never was, and it never will be. It's fake, an illusion that we need because I can't trade pizza for for Christmas presents.

20th Dec 2012, 12:12
A virus that reprograms your pacemaker to deliver an electric shock

20th Dec 2012, 14:59
Hey, I saw that in Homeland.

26th Dec 2012, 18:07
"This Scientist Wants Tomorrow’s Troops to Be Mutant-Powered"

"Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn"