View Full Version : How to run Hitman 2 on Windows 7 + modern graphics card?

10th Dec 2012, 18:00
Before Absolution came out, I bought the Hitman Collection from Steam. I managed to tweak the Hitman 2 display settings in a way that got me perfect 1920x1080 HD OpenGL experience. I managed to play all the way through the game (On Easy because I sucked at it.). I decided to update my graphics card drivers. The last time I had updated them was about 6 months ago.

After I had updated my drivers, I wanted to start playing Hitman 2 on Professional. But when I started the game, all the ingame characters were pitch black. There seems to be some weird lighting glitch with OpenGL. Changing the resolution doesn't help. Even rolling back the graphics card drivers didn't help. After the first playthrough, the game that I had just bought, was no longer functioning, after it had worked perfectly fine just days ago. :(

I don't understand how such an old game can function with no problems with a modern graphics card and software that is 6 months old, but breaks down with software that is only slightly newer. By all logic, shouldn't the game just refuse to function with the older software too, since the game is much much older? And why does it just not work even if I reinstall the old graphics card drivers?

And I tried playing the game on D3D. The characters aren't pitch black anymore, but the game starts in slow-motion, and gets slower and slower until it freezes entirely. That's why I changed to OpenGL to begin with.

So, my question is... Is anyone running Hitman 2 just fine with a new Nvidia graphics card? Are you running it on D3D or OpenGL? Is there any kind of a fix for this issue? Are there any OpenGL settings in Windows that could be the reason why the game stopped working properly after running perfectly fine?