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5th Dec 2012, 20:18

I am an artist living in germany and I am planing to make a work about Deus Ex: Human Revolution and my behaviour towards NPC.
To do this, I need to move without limitations inside the maps. Ideally I get the maps in a format that every 3D program is able to open.
I don't want to be in game to be limited to the body of Adam.

Is is possible to extract the maps from the game?
If yes, please tell me how. If no, then we will see. ;)

Thanks in advance. =)

6th Dec 2012, 14:09
I don't want to be in game to be limited to the body of Adam.

you mean you want to fly or ghost around the maps?

I think it is possible to do so to some extent, but I don't know what the mod/tool is called, but I have seen screenshots that I don't think were made by the developers, that appeared to involve changing view somewhat.

9th Dec 2012, 23:48
Yeah, that's what I want to do.

Do you have a hint, where to look?

I am able to extract musik and textures, but this bigfile unpacker don't seem to open maps. At least there is nothing what would be close to something you could use in a 3D programm.

21st Jan 2013, 10:45
No further hint?

What is the best way to contact the developers with this kind of request?