View Full Version : Hitman Absolution Crashes on First Level after ALL Challenges Are Completed

29th Nov 2012, 16:47
Ok first off Hitman Absolution is a pretty good game so far. I like all improvements made from Blood money. The problem is I can't play the game. I had the game crash on me 2 times on the first mission screen right after it loads. This problem then corrupts my save data and I have to restart everything again. Right after I completed all Challenges for the first level, for some reason the game seems to crash on me. The circumstance for both of these crashes were almost the same. I play the game for about an hour or less completing all challenges and once I restart the level again to mess around BOOM:eek: the game crashes :mad2: . This total sucks because I'm afraid if I play the game again and get farther this time, all my data will be DELETED. After the fist time I thought ok my xbox froze and just restart it. I did and everything was gone. so I played the first level again. There was a weird thing that I saw in the game , i guess it was a graphics glitch because after the Diana cut seen at the end, 47 had these were green lines on his back. his ear piece was green too. I was afraid the game might crash again so I quickly finished the mission and went to my dashboard. I deleted the install game on my hard drive and then re-installed it. I wipe the disc clean to test it just to make sure. Everything was ok until BOOM it crashed again. PLEASE SEND A PATCH TO FIX THIS ISSUE OTHERWISE I WILL NEED TO RETURN THE GAME .