View Full Version : Iron Sights on a gun with a scope ?

22nd Nov 2012, 14:25
This game is amazing, but as always somebody has to moan about something..

I picked up a decent SMG type gun yesterday in dexters industrial plant, the thing had a smart yellow tinted scope on it for decent aiming, the only thing is you can't actually look down the scope, instead your stuck with a sexy bald mans head looking down it for you and all I can see is the usual crosshair.

Third person game this may be but if I was an assassin as skilled as 47 then I would be wanting to use scopes for ultimate accuracy if the gun had one (a lot don't) this could be entirely optional for players but without it it seems silly to see a cool scope on a gun then not being able to use it.

I don't want a first person view as such, just a way to look down my scope on weapons that could be tactically beneficial if I used one.