View Full Version : Improvements via Patching (For Developers), NICK & Fans for further suggestions

22nd Nov 2012, 13:04
Hello everyone.

I have played 3 levels specifically Mansion, KOCT & Terminus for about 12 hours to explore every inch of these maps.

Few things i have seen, i am not really chuffed about. I think the community members are also talking about changing a few things. Disguises on top, and NICK has already said they are tweaking it. but below are few more things DEVS can try to patch in and it won't be a big deal.

But i think the below point will make HITMAN from 8/10 game into 10.1/10 (you know what i mean).

This being 2012, i am sure patching is easy now. And this might be another HITMAN CULT CLASSIC everyone's been waiting for.

1) Fair Disguise detection time & distance
2) Where is the SYRINGE (need that from the get go)
3) Ability to choose weapons at the start of Missions on 2nd playthrough onwards.
4) Added Mini-Map while opening notebook
5) Remove Checkpoints all together and replace them with ability to save anywhere (like skyrim) etc.
6) where are the DLC's in PSN Stores of Asia (India, China, Japan) etc.????
7) How to HIDE Points System from HUD???
8) How to HIDE arrows of detection
9) More DLC MAPS, NEW TARGETS etc. not necessarily story missions.

Thanks. Any more suggestion. and hopefully IO Devs will look into the above. I know some of the above points like NO HUD might be in Purist mode, but i also want to customize the HUD whichever mode im playing.

22nd Nov 2012, 13:11
I agree! I think they should make some old school hitman maps, that would be awesome.

22nd Nov 2012, 13:37
The syringe is in the singleplayer.

You can't choose it in between levels, but you can find it on the desk on the level where you try and get Victoria back from Dexter's lab when you have to kill the scientists and sabotage the data they collected about Victoria. I used the syringe to kill both scientists :P.

22nd Nov 2012, 13:49
i'm still getting used to the game, but i miss the maps - doesn't feel the same at all with instinct

i feel like i am playing another title, not a hitman.... so far

22nd Nov 2012, 14:37
i'm still getting used to the game, but i miss the maps - doesn't feel the same at all with instinct

i feel like i am playing another title, not a hitman.... so far

I only use instinct for one thing, and thats the to sneak past certain guards, it's basically a trick of tilting his head. The rest is not for me.

22nd Nov 2012, 15:04
I'd really like if in future DLC there would be more hits, in the story mode it seemed like alot of the hits were all thru scripted events (Wade, Clive, Travis). I understand that with contracts mode there are many more targets, but npc's don't act like targets, they don't eat poison-able food, walk under hanging crates, most of them were limited to simply killing by basic weapon means and no cool creative ways.

I would also definitely love to see saving in-game, similar to Contracts and Blood Money. The checkpoints are rather ineffective and the in-ability to be able to save really hinders my trying out new strategies when I risk losing the last half-hour of my life. My favorite thing to do in BM was to go through and entire level killing everyone stealth-fully starting with guards,employees then civilians and lastly the hits, nobody alive could know anyone was dead and this was something very challenging to do, sometimes I spent over 2 hrs in Curtains down. without the ability to save I feel this may be impossible in Absolution because its very easy for something to go wrong and requires alot of trial and error.

22nd Nov 2012, 16:10
want to remove the HUD? play on purist difficulty, simple. I played so much of the campaign on purist when I started play other people contracts, and saw the entire hud for the 1st time I was re-learning the game over again? newb tools overwhelmed me XD I just need my hands, depending on weather or not a target is being shot from distance or not.

Sean Rubin
22nd Nov 2012, 16:42
Please get rid of the blend in feature IOI:

I don't like the blend in feature using Instincts at all. I wish it wasn't part of the game. But unfortunately Absolution was built and revolves around the blend in using instincts feature. If you don't use the blend in feature then you are forced to play the game as Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell, pre-Conviction.

I would much rather have the disguise system from the previous four games in which I considered 50 percent broken than have Absolution's system in which I consider to be 100 percent broken.

Unless you do something "weird" like walk around with your silenced Silverballers out for everyone to see you shouldn't get busted by the other characters in the game.

22nd Nov 2012, 16:49
I understand the weapons in story mode but it really sucks that you can't pick a set of weapons while contracting or on 2nd playthrough. Maybe bring back the syringes (sedative & poison) or just make it so that we can pick up rare melee weapons from the begining of a mission, like for example the katana that is restricted to few missions.