View Full Version : Hitman: Absolution New Contract Maps

22nd Nov 2012, 12:07
I know that this is pretty early to say, but putting the maps from Hitman: Blood Money into the Contracts mode in Hitman: Absolution would be pretty awesome!

Some of you guys didnt like the new way Absolution was in the tight corridors and all that, we didnt have like the big opportunities of taking down our targets.
So by putting those maps into Contract mode, with the Glacier 2 engine would be AWESOME!

I hope that IO Interactive and Square Enix read this thread, and i do belive that you fans out there would think that this is awesome too! :D

22nd Nov 2012, 12:09
Nice idea.

Babyface Assassin
22nd Nov 2012, 12:11
The idea is great, unfortunately it would be to expensive to redo all the maps only for a dlc pack. they can't use the old maps, because it's a new engine.

2nd Jan 2013, 03:30
I am a huge fan of the Hitman series. Absolution has blown my MIND!! But it is starting to get old to me. I love contracts but are getting bored of the maps. I think it would be cool to have a bundle pack for DLC that is a whole bunch of new maps for contracts, new suits and costumes, new guns and maybe some gadgets. The story was cool I am happy with contracts till a new comes as long as they pay attention to contracts>

2nd Jan 2013, 23:15
Bring some new maps, Square!