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22nd Nov 2012, 01:24
Just got back from playing the Lenny missions for hours. I hope the developers are browsing this, because it is not fun to play the same level over and over again simply because there aren't enough checkpoints around. I'm by no means a purist, so I appreciated being able to save when I decided I needed to, not when the developers did. On top of that, checkpoints don't even save the states of NPCs! You can knock out a unique character, load a checkpoint and have a new version of that one guy spot you with the broken disguise system!

I really enjoy this game, and when I'm not fighting with the awful game mechanic decisions the developers made I'm having a great time. I sincerely hope these problems get fixed in the future.

22nd Nov 2012, 05:24
i think im with ya' gatz.... so far i have found that with being 'hunted' so easily it's been working to just run to the closest checkpoint die and reload... not very fun - but what can ya' do...

square - square - triangle - x , run, jump, square - square - x , run, save, rinse-repeat

22nd Nov 2012, 12:19
This is most likely not doing to be patched.