View Full Version : Contracts mode

21st Nov 2012, 20:53
Just finished the absolution campaign a few days ago and i've been playing around with the contracts mode the last couple of days.

Im kinda disappointed about contracts mode. The campaign was amazing (too short! ;D)
I just feel like there are room for so much improvement. It would be awesome if you didnt have to worry about getting caught while marking targets. Its fine that you have to show that the contract is possible but cant you do that after you've marked the contracts and made conditions for kills etc.

I think it would also be great if you could actually decide which weapons that would be lying around the map and which npc's where there. And maybe even the routes the npc's would walk.

And maybe there could even be a possibility for steam workshop. Making props, weapons, npc etc.

What do you guys think about the contracts mode?
Which improvements could be made?