View Full Version : thank you! i CAN play! but have questions pro version dlc

21st Nov 2012, 18:33
Dear Developers at IO Interactive and Eidos
I must confess that it was with great trepidation that I opened the package to the professional version of Hitman Absolution and went through the paces of downloading the Weapons and Defensive Suit that came with the purchase of the professional version of the game through Amazon.com -- I was even more impressed when it actually worked. And then I did what little a dance I can do from bed as I made it through the first level without any problems at all and discovered that you either took my advice or thought to make the controls swapable and changeable to the point that there isnt a single thing I cant do... (Besides beat the levels faster). I was really depressed... (Having to live in bed, not being able to ever go anywhere, those things can get to you -- and to finally have a game as good as Hitman Absolution pan out as a good investment.... Words can't describe what that means to someone like me.)

I know that to the rest of the world this post will seem cheezy and stupid but I cant tell you what it means to me that I made it through the prologue AND level one (granted I elected to start out on EASY just in case - but all those hours of playing the Sniper challenge really paid off because there were no surprises that had me wishing I could get my money back.) And Ive never paid $80 on a game before on faith. Its a great feeling to know that my faith was not misplaced. Its still not a breeze to play, but in my position you cant expect anything to be simple. The fact that I CAN PLAY is a gift that I know not everyone will have the ability to enjoy. Thank you for not leaving me behind. Im sure that it took thousands of lines of extra code to make it possible, and Im sure from the look of the first level that there were a lot of people that spent hundreds - perhaps thousands of hours making HR what it now is. Thank you for all the time and effort. I now have a challenge that will get me through March at the very least.

I hope all the game leads get to see this post and that you each feel a real sense that you did something great for someone that NEEDED something great. Without going into detail, when you go from being able to move to simply not -- being able to feel like a real badass - even if it isnt real - is worth far more than your asking price and i intend to savor this game.

I could keep going but... you know you nailed it. You dont need a peon like me to tell you that - but it might make you smile to know that at least one person is truly thankful you nailed it and didn't forget the people that most can very easily if they dont take time out to remember us... which you did - and that in and of itself makes all of you recognition worthy...

...now if I could just figure out how to get past the head of china town.

P.S. I have a few questions about the security suit and the Karo used in the sniper Challenge:

1.) When I downloaded the extra weapons DLC it said that the suit and the pistols with silencers would be available in contracts. But after installing it I saw that I had ailkenced weapons in my inventory. Does that mean that Agent 57 is wearing some type of body armor under his suit? Because the pictures I saw on amazon.com showed the bullet proof vest OVER his suit top and also implied that Id have access to a shotgun as well. Is this not the case? Are they all only available in contracts mode?

2.) I bought the US professional version from Amazon because gamestop was so hard to work with. I still have the sniper challenge installed on my PS3 -- but the sniper rifle remains locked in the main menu -- how is it that i unlock it and what exactly am i supposed to get as goodies in the first player mode since I bought the pro version from amazon (for the record)

3.) I registered the game online at Square Enix but the code that I got in the box didnt specify that Id bought the pro version when i put the code in... unless I did it wrong. For the record heres what came with my professional version: TWO DISCS - THE GAME PLUS A MOVIE DISC, THE ART BOOK, THE CODE ON THE RED SLIP OF PAPER AND AN EMAIL FROM AMAZON WITH A PLAYSTATION NETWORK REDEMTION CODE FOR THE BARTOLI CUSTOM PISTOL & HIGH TECH SUIT. Am I missing anything? And is the stuff that comes with the redemtion code meant for use in first person play? Im assuming the answer is yes. But Id really love some confirmation....

From the bottom of my heart thank you for making Hitman Absolution as accessible as you did. It makes all the difference in the world. And I thank you for all your hard work.

Most Sincerely,