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21st Nov 2012, 10:00
Hi There,

Went to create a contract this morning on the Hunter and Hunted mission and wasn't able to create the contract how I wanted.
So there's this girl at the till at the entrace to the Vixen club, Barbie Deep? And I chose her as a quick assassination target, but wanted it to be an accident. On my previous contract I noticed there was an exit window in the room above her, I used this as an entry point this time however. I also noticed that the window has a drop that leads to somewhere a body could be hidden.
Naturally I wanted to knock her out and shove her out of the window so she fell to her death.
After Marking the target I was unable to subdue with my bare hands, only kill, which was awkward. I tried keeping the target unmarked whilst I knocked her out and dragged her upstairs - only to find that I couldn't mark her whilse she was KO'ed or even chuck her out of the window.

Any one else getting this 'problem' or is it just how contracts goes? :scratch:

22nd Nov 2012, 13:41
Another note for the Gunstore, the safe combination cannot be picked up - so you couldn't make it so that the player has to obtain the key for the Ballers.
I noticed after I finished making my Gunstore contract, that it doesn't say you have to use a specific weapon. For example it just tells you to use a pistol rather than say Silverballers or the Aries 24/7, which is upsetting as there is a nice weapon on the gunshop that I wanted the players of my contract to use.

22nd Nov 2012, 14:50
It says pistol, but I think it does mean the specific one you used. It said pistol when someone used the charging ram pistol. So I used the silverballers instead. Negative points for incorrect weapon used. You'd think they'd be more specific!

I ended up sending a message to the creator asking which pistol he used. I got all my points in the end though!

22nd Nov 2012, 16:28
Yeah, my contract was set with the Ram.
I've noticed the timer starts counting down even when you pacify a non-target for example I subdued the dealer on the King of Chinatown as it requested that to be one of the disguises. Bit annoying when I didn't want to start killing right away, just wanted access to the disguise for later rather than trying to hunt the bugger down whilst he was busy talking to someone.