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21st Nov 2012, 09:54
Hi there,

I'd like to watch some of the game's video sequences again. I think I located the respective files, but they have a "pc_binkvid" extension which I've never come across before. Is there any way to play them?


21st Nov 2012, 10:00
I would assume the Bink player would be able to, seeing as it's that format.

21st Nov 2012, 13:56
It says that the file wasn't a bink file, which is probably true given that it doesn't have a .bik extension. It rather seems to be a derived form of the original bik type. When googling "pc_binkvid", most results that show up indicate that this is a hitman specific file type. I very much doubt that anyone created a player specifically designed for playing hitman videos, but perhaps there's another tool around that does the trick as well. Does anybody have an idea?

23rd Nov 2012, 06:07
open in hex-editor any *.pc_binkvid file and you see something like - EDIV........T)..........BIKiL) in file header... del all bytes before "BIK..." and save file (dont forget to make a backup of the original file). rename file extension to *.bik and play with bink player (use advanced play to choose audio track from file).
P.S. sorry for poor English..

23rd Nov 2012, 15:07
This guy seems to be uploading cutscenes to youtube.

Youtube user: TheKaosEmperor

He is still missing few cutscenes. But maybe you can ask him how he was able to view and upload the videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUl6R4uIZ4Q - Hitman: Absolution - All Cutscenes Part 01

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPWHRXpWUp4&feature=relmfu - Hitman: Absolution - All Cutscenes Part 02

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpbkavxUm2Q&feature=relmfu - Hitman: Absolution - All Cutscenes Part 03

http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_326484&feature=iv&src_vid=CpbkavxUm2Q&v=AttJ_wYDoYI - Hitman: Absolution - All Cutscenes Part 04

I hope you can use these links untill you figure out the way to play them on your computer. I am not so good with a hex editor so haven't tried the suggested method above.