View Full Version : An Exercise in Tedium

21st Nov 2012, 02:56
It breaks my heart how much potential this game has, but the tedium is simply unbearable. There's a difference between doing a level over 1000 times to get it perfect and doing it over 1000 times because there is no way to save after killing a target, leaving you to get noticed by the guards 9/10 times and having to do it all over again. It just isn't fun. I understand IO wants to give everybody a chance to try it all out before making changes, but I find myself unable to even play for an extended period without rage-quitting due to the incredible frustration in dealing with the checkpoint system and the untuned disguise system.

Duspende .
21st Nov 2012, 03:08
I have to agree. I strived to obtain perfect Silent Assassin ratings at first, and I managed to make it on King og Chinatown. Then going Call of Duty on it became a better strategy to win.

21st Nov 2012, 03:16
Guys, Trust me, This game can be played 100% in stealth mode.
I suggest that you learn the NPC's pathing, It will help a great load.