View Full Version : Hitman 2 Widescreen Support

20th Nov 2012, 12:49
Hitman 1 had a good widescreen support with OpenGL at 1080p but Hitman 2 has an awful widescreen support.
I edited hitman.ini to put 1080p and windowed mode activated, the game works but not that well. There is HUGE frame-rate drops which make the game unplayable with this kind of resolution. I spend loads of time on the Internet to find a solution which doesn't exist...

Please we need a good soul to fix the framerate issue in Hitman 2 D3D windowed mode or fix the shadow glitch in OpenGL mode. This classic deserves it. Thanks.

21st Nov 2012, 07:21
Agreed. Got this retail and now on Steam as part of the Hitman Absolution Preorder deal - the Hitman Collection. Both are lacking this widescreen support and if possible, an update should be released to fix these minor bugs. This should be a higher priority than releasing HD remakes of the collection. I would definetly buy the HD remake of the collection if this was patched and supported and so would many other loyal hitman fans, I'm sure. It's just no other game (esp. older ones than this) have these bugs I mentioned and can do widescreen via. an .ini edit/change without these glitches... !