View Full Version : Raging at steam

20th Nov 2012, 06:38
:mad2: Just got home from the airport *actually an hour ago. Ran to the computer to buy the game from steam and bam at 11 26, somebody at Valve closed the time for preorder. I'm positive it was going to change at 12, this hasn't been the first time I've had to rush home to buy a game near 12, but I'm terrible sad now x.x Probably not going to buy it right now since I was soo keen on getting those steam benefits. And that's my little rage moment. Anyone else have terrible moment like these?

20th Nov 2012, 09:25
You can still buy it here http://getgamesgo.com/product/hitman-absolution-professional-edition

20th Nov 2012, 23:03
I know you can get that for 30 dollars (with code), but it no longer comes with the Pre Purchase challenge or the Steam Hitman collection, or the TF2 items, which I so hoped to get. Curses, and I was so close on getting it, who set the time wrong on Steam?

21st Nov 2012, 02:53
Just go to greenman, it's a better deal, 35% off.

WD 2000
23rd Nov 2012, 00:14
My sympathies that is exceptionally annoying