View Full Version : Human Revolution "No deaths" walkthrough

20th Nov 2012, 03:53
Hey guys,

So I decided I wanted to try an "Ironman" playthrough of Human Revolution. (An Ironman is essentially where you play through the game at the hightest difficulty level without dying. If you die, you have to start over from the beginning.) After failing several times for dumb reasons, I decided to tone it down a bit, for at least my first attempt. I'll be playing through each level without dying - if there is a death, I restart the level or the city hub from the beginning. I think this should help me be able to actually play through the entire game without dying after I accomplish this.

I decided to record it along with commentary and post it on my YouTube channel. I'm including tips and help on how you could go about doing something similar. I'll keep posting them if people find it interesting and/or entertaining. Let me know what you guys think!