View Full Version : No Hitman Pre order Bonus sniper challenge after 12 11 2012???

19th Nov 2012, 20:54
Dear Sir's / Madams,

I ordered a copy of Hitman Absolution Professional Deluxe edition at play.com on the 12th of November.

This is what the order email said
Hitman Absolution: Deluxe Professional Edition (With Pre-Order Bonus Sniper Challenge)

Sooo I kept waiting for a day to receive the Pre Order Bonus Sniper challenge code. But after a day no code. Then I began to email play.com to ask for the code. I received an email from play.com saying that from the 12th of november the Pre order Bonus sniper challenge code is not available anymore from play.com because they have received no new codes from the company they get their games from.

I ofcourse dont agree with this statement. I ordered this game @ play.com because of the pre order Sniper challenge and its not my problem that they do not have enough codes. If there is a limit on the availability of these codes then they should have stated this on their website but they did not and I have not seen that there is a limited time for these codes anywhere.

Now I really still do want to receive a pre order Bonus sniper Challenge code so my question is if anyone from the Hitman Absolution team can help me get one, or can help my by contacting play.com so that they can give me a code.

Well I hope to hear something soon because the game is almost uppon us and I really want to play the Pre Order Sniper Bonus Challange before playing the game it self.

I am awaiting your response.

GReetings from DrDeathhand

20th Nov 2012, 09:37
Hi. We'll try to investigate this for you. Some of the retailers do seem to not have stocked up on codes again.

20th Nov 2012, 22:24

I actually have the same problem as Dr.Deathhnans.
I pre-ordered Hitman Absolution Proffesional Edition at my local gamestore for the Xbox 360.
Now i thought i was supposed to get the Sniper Challenge DLC after i pre-ordered but i didn't get it.
I figured you would get it on the release day with the game itself, but i didn't.
When i asked for the DLC, they said they didnt have anymore codes. I was very bummed out cause i really wanted to play the Sniper challenge.

I did however get the other pre-order DLC with the agency weapons and disguises with it. It would be great if you could help us out and maybe we can still play it.


16th May 2014, 01:08
Hey I was wondering if it's possible to buy the sniper challenge bonus for Hitman Absolution? I still play the game but I wasn't aware of the bonus sniper challenge at the time of buying the game and now I really want to play the bonus! Is there a way I can buy it?