View Full Version : Lol @ all the bad revs (played the Game) no Spoiler

Babyface Assassin
18th Nov 2012, 16:52
(Beware, bad English, sorry)
I read some revues (not to much, because I didn´t want to get spoiled). First I am very confused, how anybody can play through the game in 15-20 hours?
Of course you can set the game on easy, use the Instinct and the game would be done in that time but come on, is that fun?
I play on Hard and all the instinct settings are off, except the enemy spot (you can see enemy better and trough walls).
Man, its a hard journey. After 2 days I´m in level 4, because you really have to watch your steps and try over and over, till you get a perfect run.

Its a great Hitman game, and most worry is not legit.
Of course there are Levels without a target, so what? Its a great addition that there are different stiles in the game.
No Level was lineal. I think the term "Sandbox" was misused here. You always have plenty of options how you would go through a level.
Only thing I don´t like are the magic pockets. How could a game be so perfect and than have such a flaw? Ok, it gives you more options to kill but All I need are my bare hands and a suit.
Only my 2 cents. Its a Hitman Game like all other Hitmans. You can set the game on easy and give the controller a 6 year old child and he could beat it, or set everything on Hard and a pro nerd without a life would have a hard time!
Just get it on your own and decide if you like it or not. If you are a Hitman Fan its a must have!

one last thing:
Hitman Absolution is not linear! The story is, yes. But the Gameplay is not. Another missunderstanding of the Hitman game

18th Nov 2012, 19:51
Thanks for adding some clarity. Seems that the bottom line is that this is not Blood money, and still has Hitman vibe to it.

18th Nov 2012, 20:13
Yes your right :D, Hitman changed his style, because he left the Agency, and needed some new Style, REVENGE, and nobody can tell me, he revenge stealthy, some kills are stealthy, but.... *SPOILER* i dont will say it !

19th Nov 2012, 12:18
Thanks for another positive feedback. It really restores my faith in the franchise that hardcore fans are giving it good reviews.

19th Nov 2012, 12:21
With contracts mode (witch most reviewers seems to forget to mention that much) will be amazing! When players starting sharing contracts it will just be like the other hitman games where you start at point A do objective B and return to the exit for extraction.