View Full Version : Glacier 2 ToolKit

17th Nov 2012, 07:50
Just curious, is IOI planning to release some kind of toolkit for the community to mod and create new levels for the contracts mode and possibly releasing them on Steam Workshop?

The contracts mode has so much potential and i am really excited for it.

17th Nov 2012, 11:09
Steam Workshop would be so nice, they really made a lot of games come back to life.

17th Nov 2012, 11:11
objects on Steam Workshop for games, cost money, right ? ^^ for hitman too ?

17th Nov 2012, 11:29
Steam workshop are community made stuffs so they are free.

17th Nov 2012, 22:01
It'd certainly be a good idea but... Knowing Square Enix that would be a definite no.