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16th Nov 2012, 19:33
Edit : Just thought i`d mention i have the game and have completed it.

First off I just want to say thanks to IO for making contracts so damn good, well done :)

The main story and levels not so good , i had a fear that it would be a bit to like splinter cell but it has turned into max payne 3. Its just not hitman as we know and love :(

I really enjoyed evey hitman game to date but i feel a bit dissapointed with the story.

If anyone wants to know anything like details of the game etc you can message me and i will message back... but i urge you not to ask for spoilers as it will ruin the experience for you.

Over all its still worth the money but im not to sure its worth the 6 year wait :(

IO Please could you consider bringing out some blood money style missions as dlc , proper hitman levels...

16th Nov 2012, 19:40
why you have the game already ?

16th Nov 2012, 19:45
why you have the game already ?

being friends with a game shop owner has its perks . I had AC3 a week early too.

16th Nov 2012, 19:47
lol^^ they shipped the game already to the Game Shop owners :D xD Pc Xbox or Ps3 ?

16th Nov 2012, 19:58
Yeah :) got mine on thursday , 360 professional edition only though... i think. If you get a crowbar and balaclaver you could be playing tonight :P lol

16th Nov 2012, 20:16
ahah^^ no i am waiting of steam, because theres only on 20th.. OMG... but i will play now, its borinnnnggggg

not the game, but the waiting time ist boooorrrrrriiiiinnnggggg... xD