View Full Version : I Hitman Absolution, Not play with the game!!!(Belgium)

16th Nov 2012, 13:18

I Receveid today, Hitmain Absolution and i not play with the game!!! why out the game not play.(Sorry not speak english)

J'ai reçu Hitman Absolution aujourd'hui et je ne peut même pas jouer avec le jeux!! Pourquoi le vendre si on ne peut pas y jouer avec :mad2:

PC Version

16th Nov 2012, 13:24
Welcome to the forum, PATPOIL.

You probably can't play the game yet because it has not been officially released. Launch day is November 20. You'll just have to wait, sorry.

16th Nov 2012, 13:26
Ok. Just why out game so?? :(

16th Nov 2012, 13:32
If you asking why you were already able to get the game - that is unfortunately up to the retailers. Some stores are known to break embargoes.

Officially, they shouldn't sell it until November 20.

16th Nov 2012, 13:33
oki Thanks for reponse :)

16th Nov 2012, 13:34
Graag gedaan :)

16th Nov 2012, 13:37
deleted the gamers Xbox 360 and PS3 not 20 novembers ;)

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