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13th Nov 2012, 18:05
Hey guys! Firstly I'd like to apologise with the amount of threads i made recently and how i acted irrationally over one biased review by alerting everyone and potentially disheartening everyone.

Absolution has been rated 8.75/10 by the GAMEINFORMER, 9/10 by both XBOX and PS3 magazine. Personally I have never been as hyped up and excited as this for a game. So I would like to know how you guys first heard of the Hitman franchise and how you found out about absolution.

Here is mine: WARNING, it is extremely lengthy

When I was 9 my older brother brought home a game called Hitman Contracts. (I was waaay to young to be playing the game) I would sit by my older brother and watch him play. Contracts had an eerie and spooky vibe which i hadn't experienced in a game before. When I started playing it, the game forced me to think strategically and observe the patrol routes. I was too young to fully appreciate the beauty of Contracts but I played it none the less. After completing the game I had no idea about what i just played, I just jumped into the game with no idea what the cutscenes were and what was going on.

A couple of years later I found myself with Blood Money, As soon as i played it i felt like i had met an old friend. I would complete the mission and restart it just to improve my method and use more stealth. I loved every moment of it.
Nearing the end of Blood Money when it was revealed 47 was "dead" I sat there and watched the credits. I realised there the little health bar would jump up every now and then but i presumed 47 would wake up at the end of the credits....It never happened. Later that day my brother managed to finish the game aswell I told him about the health bar jumping up and he laughed at me and started rotating the analog sticks. I slowly watched as the health bar jumped up and up, I can't remember a time i was so relieved. After fully completing the game myself, I started to read about the back story to Hitman and who 47 exactly was. I was amazed about how in depth the story was...

Years passed, the Ps3 was released and i was "forced" to join the mainstream crowd and play FPS shooters. Sure It was addicting but i found myself competing more than simply enjoying the game. In 2011 I was studying for my exams, when i took a "short" break on youtube. The first video I watched had an advertisement at the beginning of it, naturally i was disappointed...But then i was in awe as a man simply attached a silencer onto his gun.

My mouth was literally wide open, It was as if i had seen a ghost. After 5 minutes of research it was confirmed....47 was back! From then on I would always check for new news on the game and follow all the updates.

I purchased the Hitman collection from the Steam sale and played them over and over..

The day the release date was going to be ...well ...released, I was in school. There was a timer on the main Hitman website and i just knew it was the release date. After i got home i checked... 20th November..my birthday If that's not destiny i dont know what is....