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11th Nov 2012, 12:05

Hope everyone is doing well. I was doing some random Blood Omen 2 searches across the interwebz and I came across this video of some BO2 textures being replaced with higher res textures. It may not look terribly stunning but it doesn't need to. The video only serves to demonstrate potential.

The guy basically wrote a tool to extract texture files (*.dds) from the compressed *.big files on the PC version of BO2. He's currently working on a compiler which can compile newer high resolution textures back into the *.big file format. So yeah, while we can't exactly replace BO2 texture with our own just yet, we can still view practically all of them.

So hopefully once the compiler's out a group of people can collaborate and make an HD texture pack for at least the first part of the "Slums". Who knows, maybe more people will take an interest and we get a larger texture pack. However, until the compiler is out the guy is offering to have textures mailed to him and he will patch them in manually (I believe there's some hex editing involved).

Regardless, here's the video. I recommend watching it with the annotations on for it to make more sense. Also, I believe the dialogue is in Italian.


Here's the guy's website (https://thebigboss94ita.wordpress.com/blood-omen-hd-textures-project/) and here is the extractor (http://www.sendspace.com/file/6k37f5). You will need the latest .NET Framework (https://www.microsoft.com/net) as well as XNA Framework (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20914) for the extractor to work properly. To view the *.dds files I suggest using Windows Texture Viewer (https://developer.nvidia.com/sites/default/files/akamai/tools/files/Windows_Texture_Viewer_v089b.rar) (and make sure to turn the alpha channel off since most of these are DXT1).

11th Nov 2012, 18:58
Interesting... though you're right, the differences between new and old aren't that amazing in those videos - but there is obvious potential.

I'll have to look into this a little more (I'm sure Corlagon knows more than me about this bit), but there are already ways to extract textures from BO2 - it's just a bit more awkward than the other games, requiring a play through (and the textures to be rendered on-screen) before they can be extracted. Most of our BO2 textures (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Blood_Omen_2_textures) are extractions through this method and Ber's BO2 Font (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=126559) depended upon it (In fact it might be a good idea for me to upload some of the rest:D)

11th Nov 2012, 20:03
This is a really good find. Thanks, Limaj_daas! As Bazielim said, it has previously been possible to extract textures with 3D Ripper DX, and I believe Texmod can do the same, but the sector-by-sector functionality here is much cleaner and easier for organisation. I used it to nab some of the Hylden City's murals today in their original glory. :)

I don't have much to contribute to a HD mod, except general promotion, but the best of luck to the guy with such a project.

11th Nov 2012, 22:33
Hm, if 3D Ripper DX works also with Defiance, I might check it out and see about that better organization. The one pain about Texmod is the lack of organization. Textures are logged randomly and all over the place. It's hard to keep track sometimes and wastes time when you're looking for things.

11th Nov 2012, 22:46
Oh no, no, don't bother. 3D Ripper works as a rudimentary solution when there's nothing else to use, but it dumps every texture on screen into one folder, including duplicates (and duplicates of duplicates) if you rig it up incorrectly. Plus you need to play each level to get the thing to work.

What I was getting at was that this new BO2 extractor has better potential for organisation, since it dumps room-by-room, but I'd wager any problems you're having with Texmod would only be exacerbated by Ripper.

12th Nov 2012, 11:23
Ah, ok. Thanks. Yeah, I guess there is no real easing the pain of having to log through thousands of textures, lol

13th Nov 2012, 17:14
Hello everyone!
I've discovered the way to use textmod with BO2. There is a thing called ENB – it simply applies Bloom effect to older games. But it also allows textmod to work with BO2.
Here is the link for ENB:
You need to extract this archive into a folder with bo2.exe and also you need to disable game’s movies. In a file game.erg you need to modify PlayMovie=1 to PlayMovie=0. Otherwise the game will crash.
Now the game will support textmod.

Here is a little example of modified game’s main menu:

Sorry for my English.

14th Nov 2012, 01:20
Nic find, Dagon69 :) Welcome to the forum. Sounds like BO2 is a pain to get to work to modify textures, but at least it does with this method.

INcidentily, when you post your images, try and use the "direct link" option. Also, you can display the image here with the image (http://forums.eidosgames.com/misc.php?do=bbcode#imgcode) code for pics not wider than 800 pixels, or the thumb (http://forums.eidosgames.com/misc.php?do=bbcode#thumb) code for larger pics.

14th Nov 2012, 16:45
Dagon69: Wooow :O so texmod can be used for BO2? awesome, wish it would replace models too xD but at least we can fix up VoradorĀ“s face up and lots of other things, great find!

22nd Jan 2013, 18:27
My greatest fantasy about BO2 is to have a mod in which I can switch Kain's outfts from throughout the game. But I think that has to do with the models as well. Just in case, do you guys think it is possible?

23rd Jan 2013, 21:28
Yeah, the outfits were each specific to the models. For the hood and the final armor, most certainly, those portions of the model like the hood and blades that aren't there in the other sections won't be usable.

24th Jan 2013, 23:22
ohhh so enb works with blood omen 2. can you show how it looks ingame? does the bumpmaps and water effects work? or depth of field?

26th Jan 2013, 12:13
Gorechild: As far as i know it only adds a slight bloom, no other effects.

Irmok the Mad
9th Mar 2013, 02:06
It's not much of an improvement and it took a lot of tweaking, but here are before and after screen shots just for the sake of seeing what it does. BTW, what enb are you running because I don't need to disable the FMVs in order to use it?



26th Mar 2013, 22:42
Alright so i have got enb series to run with the game, and i have got texmod to run with it. but i cant get texmod to show the textures. do anyone know if i need a numpad or something to get them to show? as pressing + or - does not work :(

Edit: never mind, i found a read me in a beta version that confirmed that i need a numpad >_<

edit 2: and as luck would have it my parents have a usb keyboard with a numpad, so i have been able to extract and modify kains textures with no further problems :) i might post some images of my mods later on if i make something worth showing. so any suggestions?

8th Nov 2013, 22:09
Any 1 got a link to the extractor, the one on the dudes site is down