View Full Version : AREA 51 DLC DEUS EX HR

29th Oct 2012, 20:30
eidos/square please could you consider making a area 51 level dlc it would be a baad dlc if you make it fun and interesting with like aliens,ufos,ebooks,conspriracies,involve the men in black like de1 as high level security guards as you progress higher in the level...make it a huge us goverment maximum security under ground military base with real folklore and you have to infiltrate it and you have to find the base by hacking in to a spy satalite and zoom down on earth...you could even put some real roswell locations,we can make a mission about the roswell ufo crash in new mexico like seeing the crash and getting to key witnesses b4 us govt does...in area 51 do some missions like rescuing or arresting high level area 51 staff... deus ex style.