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20th Oct 2012, 15:08
Hello fellow Lego Star Wars fans!

Recently I decided to start playing the complete Lego Star Wars series once again. Pretty soon, I discovered that playing Lego Star Wars was going to be quite the challenge considering the state of our current Operating System software and hardware. Crashes and bugs are pretty much ruining gameplay, even to a point of making it impossible to finish. A lot (if not all) of these glitches and bugs seem to appear when using Windows 7 combined with our modern video card hardware.

But....my faith in the Force was not weakened by this and despite these perils, I vowed not to be tempted to the Dark Side. So for all of you that are interested, I've made a guide for making the game playable on a Windows 7 machine with the current age of video hardware (GPU). I've tested the following on my own PC, on Windows 7 x64 with an ATI Sapphire HD7850 GPU.

Please perform the following steps:
Install Lego Star Wars using either it's default path, or adjust it to your liking. In my case, I installed it default in C:\Program Files (x86)\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game

Next, go get the patch, which will update the game to version 1.2
You can find at the following URL from Gamershell.com:

After downloading the patch, update your current game to the latest version by running lego1_patch2.exe. If necessary you can copy lego1_patch2.exe to the path in which you installed Lego Star Wars.

In able to play with the least amount of bugs, you are going to need a tool called 3DAnalyzer. With this tool you can emulate certain functions normally performed by your GPU.
You can download 3DAnalyzer here:

Now run the 3D Analyzer by starting the 3DAnalyze.exe.
It's very important to start this tool with the right permissions, you will need Administrator rights to start it. So Right-click on 3DAnalyze.exe and select Run as administrator.

Press Select to locate the game's executable, in this case LegoStarwars.exe. When done so correctly, you can now choose which options you want to be enabled and which not.
Choose the following options and leave the rest UNTICKED:

Hardware Limits (cap bits):
- emulate HW TnL caps
- emulate pixel shader caps

Some guides also advise to tick the following box:

- force 16 bit zbuzzer (without stencil)

For me this only produced glitching in the startup screen of the game.
Leaving this one unticked gave the best performance in my case.

When finished, you can save your current options to a batch file (highly recommended) by pressing Save batch file!
Give the batch file a proper name and create a shortcut to your Desktop so you can easily start it.
It's best to start the game in compatibilty mode, so right-click on your new-made game shortcut and choose Properties.
- Select Advanced... -> Run as administrator
- Select Compatibility and choose for "Run this program in compatibily mode for Windows XP (Service Pack2)

For some reason, you will also need to modify the user permissions on the folder in which you installed Lego Star Wars.
If not you might get the following error:
Nu2Api Runtime Error!
Important. Do no ignore!

In order to change the permissions do the following:
Using Windows Explorer, open the properties of the Lego Star Wars Game folder by right-clicking on it.
Go to Security -> Advanced -> Change Permissions...
Choose Add... and add your own user account + "Everyone" to the list.
Do not forget to tick the box named Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object.
Accept by clicking OK and wait while watching the proper permissions being set.

Now start and run Lego Star Wars. It should run fine, or at least much better now!

Some side-notes:

- Other compatibility modes might also work fine, but again, this one worked in my case.

- Concerning user-permissions on the game folder:
Most likely it will do fine by either just adding either yourself, or everyone to the permission list instead of both. To be sure, I've added both and it seemes to work in my case. I haven't tested it by narrowing down the list.

Good luck with this guide and hopefully it has some use to someone out there!

May the force be with you,