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27th Sep 2012, 05:29
I can not get the boss of the Industrial Quarter, Sebastian. I have been working on it for two weeks now. I get to the 3rd phase and can not get him. I seen in a youtube video someone grab him and throw him and I can't figure out how grab him and throw him or any character for that matter. I also can't figure out how to side step the unblock-able attacked. Normally I would just jump out of the way but his come so fast and in such a close space that I can't figure out how to just side step. I don't have anything that tells me how to do special moves and can't find anything on line. Can someone help me please?

27th Sep 2012, 14:08
You should have been taught about the finer points of dodging and grabbing in the first level tutorial (in fact I'm sure there's at least one of 'em doesn't let you passed without demonstrating;)).Buttons vary, but generally, dodging is done by holding 'Autoface' then pressing 'Jump' and either left or right at the right time. Grabbing by holding 'Autoface' and pressing 'Bloodsuck' when the opponent is sufficiently tired or outmaneuvered to pick them up (then press 'Bloodsuck' again to throw, or 'Action' to perform context attacks).

Edit: A couple of other thoughts - Try to use your Fury strike (your own unblockable attack) by blocking and filling you Rage meter as the extra power of a Fury strike can make all the difference. Also, for all enemies (including bosses) they tend to follow a pattern of strikes and unblockable (or yellow) attacks that can be worked out - I believe that at this stage Sebastian is five-strikes, followed by an unblockable/yellow move. Just block the strikes and when you see him go red (I think he also gives it away by crouching) it's time to dodge and counter-attack.

A couple of wiki plugs:
*Combat (BO2) (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Combat_(BO2))
*Sebastian (boss battle) (http://legacyofkain.wikia.com/wiki/Sebastian_(boss))