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21st May 2014, 10:54
Hi all!

We would really love to hear your positive thoughts about Nosgoth in one simple sentence, and you have a chance of winning a Custom Forum Title in the process!


Your sentence must be no longer than 30 words in length, and must include the word "Nosgoth" somewhere within it.
To enter, simply reply on this thread with your sentence using the format in the following example:
"Nosgoth is great!" - Xenonetix
(Your sentence in quotes, followed by your username. If your username is different on Steam from the forums, you are welcome to use that name instead.)
You will be entered into a Prize Draw for a Custom Forum Title. 3 people will be randomly selected for the prize.
You may participate as many times as you like, but your name will only be counted once in the prize draw.
Any copying of previous entrants will be discounted.
Competition closes at 10pm UTC/GMT on Thursday, 22nd May 2014 (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20140522T2200).

It's as simple as that! We look forward to your participation,

~ Xenonetix ~

21st May 2014, 11:04
"Nosgoth, because how else am I going to murder a human and then drink their blood without getting sent to jail?" - Squigiligimous

Also holy crap this competition has one heck of a short timer... anyone else frustrated with the inability to put a line through words? Was hoping I could strike through "Murder" and put "Harvest". Oh well

21st May 2014, 11:38
"Nosgoth evokes both the effortless grace and power of the vampires and the gritty, determined ingenuity of the humans, bringing out both kinds of warrior in the player.” -Hashakgik888

"These vampires are dark gods, and thinning the herd has never been as viscerally fun as in Nosgoth." - Hashakgik888

21st May 2014, 14:35
"Nosgoth grants us a chance to see a new part of the lore never experienced and see the setting of Legacy of Kain from a completely different perspective." -Khalith

21st May 2014, 15:20
"Nosgoth shows us what REAL vampires are (sorry, Twilight-Fans)!" ~ Varulven

My english FTW! :D

21st May 2014, 15:52
"Nosgoth be like all vampirey and stuff. And you get to bite people. It's like vampireville meets zombieville." -cmstache

21st May 2014, 15:55
"Nosgoth is a gateway to a whole new, great and exiting experience to play vs other players in a competitive match, never have I played any other game like Nosgoth, giving it a whole new game feeling that many other games fail to do in this age of gaming." -ICantPauseItMom

21st May 2014, 16:10
"Nosgoth, here there be monsters"- Sanguise

"These aren't your daughters vampires in the land of Nosgoth"-Sanguise

21st May 2014, 16:54
Nosgoth let's you be the thing that goes bump in the night, and then let's you shoot it in the face. -BOOMstyx

21st May 2014, 17:18
"Nosgoth is an amazing game with an incredible community of players and developers!" -MasterZtark

21st May 2014, 17:52
"Nosgoth combines gripping graphics and ceaseless entertainment similar to L4D without safe room rush, a solid foundation players and developers tinker with much potential to expand." -GluttonyFang

21st May 2014, 18:17
"Nosgoth is my childhood reborn, a rekindling of memories, a glorious whirlwind of blood and destruction. Nosgoth is entertainment at its finest." - Diaphonos

21st May 2014, 18:26
"Nosgoth is a shining example of a competitive game that rewards skill and teamwork, while still appealing to everyone and being incredibly fun!" - Cintax

21st May 2014, 18:35
"Nosgoth is an amazing fast paste multiplayer experience and it comes with a free nostalgia trip that we remember from the Legacy of Kain series" Soiu

21st May 2014, 18:42
Nosgoth brings a fresh new take on the classic 4v4 arena game, the visuals are amazing, and the balance is pretty good.

21st May 2014, 18:49
"Nosgoth is a promising addition to the "Tactical Action Multiplayer-PvP Arena Xenogeneic"-genre (short: Tampax ®) and has its roots in a dark, gothic game-world where morality is a twistable thing." -ThomasterXXL

"Nosgoth is a genocidal potato-salad that tickles your anus in a good way." -ThomasterXXL
Please use this one for official Ads!

21st May 2014, 19:17
"Such Nosgoth, such fun. All this in an addictive vampire/human pvp game"


21st May 2014, 19:23
"Nosgoth is the ember of rebirth for the long extinguished inferno known as the Legacy of Kain; and I, along with countless others, will fuel this ember until that inferno rises once more like a phoenix from the ashes of its dormancy." -Livin

(Drops mic and walks off the stage)

21st May 2014, 19:42
"Play Nosgoth because the vampires don't sparkle!" - Saybel

21st May 2014, 19:51
"A game that has asymmetric teams that requires finesse and proper teamwork to win: Nosgoth, coordinated slaughter" - Forbidden_Ally

21st May 2014, 19:57
"Nosgoth isn’t just an amazing game that you lose a couple of hours in - anyone looking at its history will find themselves among a very large and amazing community." - neoVictrix

21st May 2014, 20:53
"Nosgoth doesn't have a proper abbreviation for it's genre. MOBA technically fits, but as that term is used to describe other type of games, it needs something else." -Diexna

21st May 2014, 22:46
"The intense asymmetrical combat of Nosgoth is fresh and gritty, and something I've never seen before." -Myth

21st May 2014, 23:11
"Nosgoth - It lets you bring glory to the Clan Lieutenants, and then shoot their spawn in the face, ten minutes later. Win-win. Can't beat that!" - Black Cardinal Peaches

(Steam Name)

22nd May 2014, 04:56
"Nosgoth is a game at which I'm not good at all but keep on playing beacause it is so much fun, also, legacy of kain ftw" -Phil four fingers

22nd May 2014, 08:47
…I probably don’t count but thought I’d write something anyway…

"Oooooooooooooo Nosgoth *screams like a girl* it’s EEEEPPPPPIIIICCCCCCCIC!!!" – Lucinvampire

"There’s nothing quite like coming home from a hard days work, entering the world of Nosgoth and ripping apart some humans to relieve a bit of stress" – Lucinvampire

22nd May 2014, 17:14
"Nosgoth is like tacos, and tacos are nice" - Denhonator

22nd May 2014, 17:23
"Nosgoth is like tacos, and tacos are nice" - Denhonator
OMG this guy should win...tacos rule

22nd May 2014, 17:26
"Nosgoth, it's counter-strike in fantasy-medieval! With Vampires" -kainvnod

22nd May 2014, 18:25
"Nosgoth is fantastic, it's the only game I can be called a backstabbing bloodsucking leech and not be insulted.!" - ModernDarwinist

22nd May 2014, 19:03
"It's fantastic, the only game I can be called a backstabbing bloodsucking leech and not be insulted.!" - ModernDarwinist
You have to have "nosgoth" in the sentence

23rd May 2014, 08:10
OMG this guy should win...tacos rule
Oh, hey, thanks for the support! But didn't they tell it's random?

23rd May 2014, 10:12
Thanks to everyone who posted! I'll get back to you with the results of the draw soon. :)

23rd May 2014, 12:41
Oh, hey, thanks for the support! But didn't they tell it's random?

Yes random but mention of tacos should get you an extra draw or something...;P

24th May 2014, 08:31
I know this is late and likely doesn't count towards the submission, but I will still post in hopes that maybe the tardiness can be overlooked or that I made someone smile (or nod at least xD).

"Nosgoth rewards both the hunter and the hunted for they are often one and the same. Vae Victus!" -Darkon

"The scourge of Nosgoth is upon us, friends... I'll take 3 copies!" -Darkon

"'Aye, m'lord, yet that Flapper done flew off with John an' none too sure but our other bloke is a bit off his rocker, runnin' circles an' shootin' the ground he is. I think I done and wet me self." While this doesn't work as a submission it at least describes the life of any given human in Nosgoth =P

25th May 2014, 21:51
The results are in! Congratulations to the following people for participating and becoming the lucky winners of custom forum titles!


I will contact each of you shortly by Private Message. :)

Thank you to everyone who posted epic quotes, and we had great fun going through them! ;)

26th May 2014, 14:21

Congrats :) :flowers:

26th May 2014, 19:00
"Nosgoth is definitely a great addition to the world of Legacy of Kain and keeps me wanting more!" - VampiricDemise

27th May 2014, 12:48
congratz winners

27th May 2014, 18:04
congratz winners
Oh man, wasn't winner, but was happy to read they had fun going through these. Maybe that's where I was of some help!