View Full Version : Island Capture crashes 20-30 mins in

14th Sep 2012, 20:04
I've looked around and see that a few others have had this problem as well. About 20-30 mins into island capture the game crashes out to desktop saying that bsp.exe encountered an error. I tried looking around the net for a solution and didnt find anything, played around with the graphics settings, reinstalled a bunch of times, checked for driver update and the rest of the usual stuff and nothing helped. Any ideas guys?

15th Sep 2012, 04:47
Is it a specific event that causes the issue (using sub, boat, plane, etc.). Do you have any mods installed?

15th Sep 2012, 19:35
nope, no mods and i can use any units i like without trouble, but then sometime after 20 min (its never the exact same time) it just crashes out to desktop. the campaign missions work fine even after 30 mins, its just island capture that crashes.... which sucks cause its the best game mode