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11th Sep 2012, 01:32
Following my "Widescreen support" series, as I promised earlier, here is the modified exe of Blood Omen 2 that have support for 16:9 aspect ratio, enjoy!!!
NOTE: You need to have the game previously patched to the 1.02 version!!!

Blood Omen 2 Widescreen Enabled (http://fbe.am/bWL)

LINK for GoG version:
GoG's Blood Omen 2 Widescreen Enabled (http://fbe.am/bXm)

And screenshots for comparison...





Unmodified at 1600x1200 without hardware stretching


After downloading and extracting the bo2.exe file, go to your game directory (C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\Blood Omen 2... or wherever you have it on your PC), remove the bo2.exe in there and paste it somewhere else, in case. Paste the bo2.exe from the patch in this folder and play the game normally.


From The Hylden:

In addition to Marcelo 20xx's patches, below here you can also find links to download the modified FMVs (Full Motion Video) in Blood Omen 2 in proper 16:9 widescreen format, instead of the 4:3 native format and from the higher rez PS2 videos.

*Note: these aren't necessary to run the patches. They are just additional bonuses if you want the FMV's also in widescreen.

You'll also need the binkw32.dll file I've included to replace the one that is in BO2's game folder.

If you're on Windows 64bit, you'll need a binkw64.dll file. I've uploaded two options of each to try out. Make a copy of the one in the game folder you wish to replace, just in case. You can always get the original again from the game disk, however.

Download the files here:

Blood Omen 2 Movies (https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E5CDEEF05EC5E4E7%211030)

Video Logos:

Little treat for you all, also. After spotting it on the PS2 version, I decided to incorporate the video with the portrait of Kain, roaring, crouched with the Reaver on the rooftops, city in the background, the "press start" on the left throbbing to the heart beat sound. This:


Now, you have it in the videos. I combined the Eidos and CD logo vids into the first eidos.dat file. The crystal.dat file is now the heartbeat/press start video :)

From the Intro:


The main video, awakens.dat, is offered in one large file, or chopped into .rar files.

Instructions for downloading the .rar file versions:
Download all parts in each file, then use WINRar, or 7Zip to extract part 1 -- the other parts will follow automatically.

From awakens:


I also included the trailer for SR2 from the PS2 version.

Like above, go to your game's directory and remove the existing movie files to some other location, in case, and replace these new ones in the game folder's movie folder.

And with that, you're all set. The best quality video and audio in 16:9 format to compliment the ingame patched the same. :)

Count D
11th Sep 2012, 07:34
Whoa! Can't believe it, thanks Marcelo! But can you make one for GOG version?

11th Sep 2012, 08:11
I didnt know the game was already in GoG, I recently bought the CDs again (I lost my previous copies), sigh!
Have to buy it again from GoG I guess

EDIT: First post updated
Thanks to Count D (saved me 6 bucks and the trouble)

11th Sep 2012, 10:09
Great job :) I'm going to have to see if my CDs will work. I might have to buy the GoG version too (my PC copy sometimes works, sometimes doesn't...). I'll take a look at the FMVs when I do.

Count D
11th Sep 2012, 10:14
With FMVs it won't be as simple, as it was with Defiance. Y'see, that blurb with "200 years after bla-bla-bla" is in the intro video, so you'll have to cut the intro in two parts, erase the borders from the second half and glue them back together.

11th Sep 2012, 18:29
Actually, that is a separate file; they just play back to back. I am probably going to leave that be, like the eidos/CD logo vids. Those might be stretched, but they look best when their effects go to the edge of the screen (and you can't really tell with text/logos). Unless you guys are really burning to see those logos and text videos altered. I could do them, too, if everyone wants them. My main concern are the actual story intros/outros.

I will have to modify the credits one to show properly and it has no matte, so there will be black on each side. I'd rather see that than the artwork getting stretched.

The real issue is that these are Data files instead of the Bink video formats Defiance and SR1/BO1 use. For this and SR2's videos, the thing I will have to figure out is how to make the videos Data (.dat) files again.

Count D
11th Sep 2012, 20:04
I don't think the Eidos\CD logos are worth the trouble.

By the way, Marcelo, I think patch shrunk everything just a bit too much. For instance, as far as I remember, the moveable crate in the Slums had cubic shape, but here it was taller, than usual.

11th Sep 2012, 20:51
It holds the correct value, the in-game value for 4:3 in this game is Float 1.3333 (AB AA AA 3F in hexadecimal), by multiplying this for 1.3333 (for 16:9 aspect ratio) you get 1.7777 (39 8E E3 3F in hexadecimal) and that's the value I modified.

I also checked the original exe vs the modified and took comparison shots, both have the same visuals, maybe you got used to the stretching.

First post updated

11th Sep 2012, 22:22
Ugh, so anyone know how to create a .dat file from a video? I'm getting from my search that these might be Video CD files, and when I used a trial program to make one, it basically makes a tiny MPEG-1 file and a bunch of other data files that I have no idea how to combine into anything.

Might be a while longer on this one, as I am quickly getting stumped...

11th Sep 2012, 22:32
Ugh, so anyone know how to create a .dat file from a video?
Can't you just rename it? I renamed credits.dat to credits.bik and RAD video tools plays it without any complaints. Should work the other way as well.

11th Sep 2012, 22:37
I'm trying to get the game to read it. I have the videos already reformatted. Now, I need the game to be able to play them again. I tried just renaming the MOV file, but it didn't work. Maybe it needs to be formatted to a bink one instead... Hm...

11th Sep 2012, 22:47
Maybe it needs to be formatted to a bink one instead... Hm...
Like I said in a post above - bik file (Bink video). The binkw32.dll file in the game folder is there for a reason ;).

11th Sep 2012, 22:54
I'm converting in rad tools now. Thanks :)

Count D
12th Sep 2012, 17:07
It holds the correct value, the in-game value for 4:3 in this game is Float 1.3333 (AB AA AA 3F in hexadecimal), by multiplying this for 1.3333 (for 16:9 aspect ratio) you get 1.7777 (39 8E E3 3F in hexadecimal) and that's the value I modified.

I also checked the original exe vs the modified and took comparison shots, both have the same visuals, maybe you got used to the stretching.

First post updated

I guess so. The game's stylized, so it's easy to get used to the stretched look.

12th Sep 2012, 19:31
Yeah, Kain looks like someone leaned over the concept render one day and was like, he needs to be taller! So, said person just stretched the model without correcting at all :p

20th Sep 2012, 19:35
PS2 version of Blood Omen 2 jsut arrived and I have those FMVs converting now. Man, the difference is so stark. Especially the dream into and the end with Kain killing the HL. Pixelated, compressed mess is about to be exchanged for actual, watchable video. :D

Edit: I can tell you officially that the dream sequence intro was uploaded out of sinc. The video is a different cut than the sound was supposed to be sinced to. Many cuts are just one frame off, but a few are up to three, or four frames off. As a result, I've had to actually recut the video.

Luckily, it looks like the others are ok.

Updated the OP. All videos are now in full widescreen 16:9 are uploaded and ready for anyone to download. :)

Count D
29th Sep 2012, 01:43
Guys, you won't mind it I'll take the .exe, the video and the dll, will make an installer for them and will upload to a different file hosting? It's taking me days to download the vids from this one.

29th Sep 2012, 04:48
If you have an easier way for you and others, I'm all for it. :) I'm guessing the lack of response since this all was posted is due to people having problems.

Count D
29th Sep 2012, 23:12
Alright, I got the installer ready and am uploading it right now. Damn, it's big.

Anyway, the vids are awesome. And thanks for the title screen with Kain on the roof. I remember looking the PS2 version up on youtube and thinking "Man, why the hell did they leave this awesome piece of artwork out?"

30th Sep 2012, 05:55
:) I'm glad you were able to download them all. The upgrade to the visual and audio is something all fans should have. The absence of that title screen and what they put in place for it on the PC, with that metal grate window thing, is a shame. I have no idea why they left this video out, but I'm glad to finally be able to put it in the game where it belongs.

I look forward to seeing what host you're uploading this to. If it handles files this big and is easy for people, I'll look into making .exe installers for Defiance and the rest also. I found that Windows has a program that exists within called iExpress and seems easy enough to use. Is this what you used to create the installer?

Count D
30th Sep 2012, 10:19
No, I used Inno Setup. The hosting is pretty good, the only downside is that it's Russian, so you'd have problems with uploading on it. Downloading's easy though - just input the captcha and press the green button.

Count D
1st Oct 2012, 23:38
Sorry for double post, just wanted to make sure you know it's updated.
Took me ages to upload it. First try was jeopardized, yesterday I came home late and didn't even bother, finally did it now. Grab the pack at

3rd Oct 2012, 03:03
You don't have to be worried about double posting in this case. The rule of thumb to go by is to give it at least a day for people to reply to your post and otherwise just edit your existing post. If a day, or so, has gone by and no-one has replied to you and yet you have something that adds to the thread you want to post, then that's fine. We just don't want people posting in reply to themselves within an hour, a few hours, when they could easily use the edit button :) It stops people from bumping threads and spamming.

Ok, so I'm having an issue with this site. It doesn't let me download anything in Firefox (directs me to a page with installing instructions). In Chrome (where I can translate it and read it, thankfully), it decides to try and instal an installer named Yandex. I don't think I can get behind asking people to instal some installer first to get this file.

Count D
3rd Oct 2012, 08:21
That's weird, it's not supposed to do that thing. Hmm.

Edit: Alright, to avoid the yandex thing you gotta uncheck the text in yellow box.

Irmok the Mad
9th Mar 2013, 00:10
What a wonderful thread. It's been a while since I last ventured in these ancient forums. Today, I leave with 3 brand new widescreen patches (Defiance, Blood Omen 2, and Soul Reaver), and some high resolution movies to boot as well.

Thank you all, Kain fans.

17th Jun 2013, 14:05
help....if I do this I could play BO2 on my PC??

can you start me from the beginning and tell me what to do please.

Count D
17th Jun 2013, 14:28
Ummmm... Yeah, was there ever a problem with that?

19th Jun 2013, 01:03
Not that I know of.

This doesn't help the game work on PC, Stormcastle, just gets its resolution right on Widescreen monitors, and with slightly better full motion videos (if you choose to download them).

6th Nov 2013, 17:10
Hey, guys...! When I click on the links to the videos it says: "This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader."

Count D
7th Nov 2013, 13:13
I made an installer with the .exe, dll and all the videos. Grab it here (press the blue button to download) http://yadi.sk/d/us8_Adgp6_rci

7th Nov 2013, 17:39
You have my eternal gratitude, Count! ;)

8th Nov 2013, 22:16
Thanks, as it would have taken me some time to get them uploaded again. Sorry I don't have them hosted to a dedicated location.

10th Apr 2014, 13:22
A new Link for downloading the widescreen movies has been updated in the first post :)

8th Feb 2015, 16:43
I made a 16:10 version of this fix. So if you have a 16:10 monitor, you no longer have to compromise. You can download it here (https://yadi.sk/d/YscsmjKWeYQnD).