View Full Version : Pre-order packs for the Retail version? Future Special Edition possiblity?

7th Sep 2012, 13:44
I have the standard boxed retail edition of Deus Ex Human Revolution without the pre-order bonus packs like the Explosive Mission Pack and the Tactical Enhancement Pack. For a steam copy of the game it is possible to buy both. However it said strictly "Steam Only" on gamersgate.com. Are the mission packs for the retail boxed version available for download anywhere?

Also is it wiser to wait out for any possible Human Revolution Special Edition or something that comes up later containing all bonus packs and the DLC The Missing Link? Is there any such possibility at all?

This is for PC Windows and not a Mac.

7th Sep 2012, 15:34
The Windows version uses Steamworks; Even if you have a physical copy, you will still need to activate it through Steam and it will be present in the Steam Library (the game is still installed from the DVD, so don't worry about that). The Pre-Order bonus packs are available on Steam and thus for both digital and retail versions of the game. So if you want the Pre-order packs, install the game, go through the activation process with Steam, then go over to the game's DLC page on the Steam store and grab the extras you want (and presumably Missing Link). Once those are installed, start up a new game and enjoy!

FYI, Missing Link, despite its relationship to the main game's storyline, installs as a separate game in your Steam Library. This is due as much to technical issues (upgraded shaders and such) as it is designed; TML is best thought of as a self-contained 5-8 hour slice of DX.

There's been no indication that the Windows version will see an Ultimate Edition bundle like the one that the Mac platform enjoys. There have been Steam sales which offer the same selection of content at a comparable (or better) total price though.

EDIT: If this is a secondhand copy of the physical version of the game, you may be able to convince the person who sold/gave it to you to transfer the DX:HR activation to your Steam account through trading. This is just a personal comment, mind you, but that would seem reasonable to me.

7th Sep 2012, 16:01

14th Sep 2012, 15:45
The best thing to come from the pre-order packs is the AUD. Although hacking is still quite easy when you have the full upgrade on the stealth hacking, the AUD makes a quick access for when you don't feel like hacking. The silenced sniper rifle is a bit disappointing and so is the double barrel shotgun. The grenade satchel can be amusing if you're patient enough. It really didn't add too much to the gameplay. I wouldn't had ordered the packs if it wasn't for the add-on Tong's son rescue mission. Although, that was a bit disappointing because the side-mission was so short and so easy even on the hardest game setting, but still good as a follow-up to the main Havester's Hideout mission.