View Full Version : Deus Ex The Animated movie or series.

1st Sep 2012, 03:15
Well kids its been a long long time since I have last posted here. Been going here since the first teaster trailer was first introduced. Well maybe not that long but close enough.

After seeing a kick ars film on youtube and this place brought me too it. I was thinking. You guys think they should do an animated series starting from maybe where HR starts and than working up to the original stuff?

I think if given to the right writers, a good art style and kept close enough to the original story it could turn out to be epic! Through in tons of really well written filler and it could easily be 10x that what ghost in the shell, Gun Grave and Deathnote Combined!

1st Sep 2012, 04:22
Nah, I wouldn't want to see a full-blown series. A mini-series in the format of Tin Man, yeah, I'd be up for that, especially if Visual Works put it out. It'd let the story have time to be told, let multiple characters have fleshed-out arcs, tell things from perhaps different perspectives, and do all of the above without dominating too much of the cannon.

1st Sep 2012, 14:40
Vasarto, I was thinking the same. After seeing a novel and a few comic series with Adam Jensen already out, I thought would it be cool to have an animated series.. Remember or has anyone seen the old Xeon Flux (I think that is how it spelled) animated series? It was on the old "Liquid TV" for MTV (damn, I'm old.. Haaa!) If it is similar context in graphic and maturity, I think it will be a hit.. or the context of maturity can be toned down a bit for regular primetime or something.