View Full Version : Save game glitch in The Missing Link(xbox 360)

joachim singh
25th Aug 2012, 03:37
Fogive me, this is going to be long. O.K. here's what happens: I clear out all enemies in the Loading Bays and Administration level before talking to the lieutenant(non-lethal takedowns, no weapons,augs,explosives,etc.(factory zero achievement)). She gives me 2 quests(main and side). So I go talk with Quinn(before next stage of main quest) buy some things and sell some weapons I've collected. Having previously collected all 3 pieces of the rocket launcher, I accept Quinn's sidequest and he assembles said rocket launcher which I sell back to him. Upon exiting the conversation options, I save the game, go to my xbox dashboard and copy the aformentioned saved game onto a flash drive(which I remove from the USB port) in hopes of restarting game at later date and getting that old adage achievement using CASIE aug(remember at this point in my game I've used no praxis points). So I reload my save the next day(real time) and proceed to take elevator up to administration level where I notice that guards are back, doors relocked, cameras reactivated, etc. I take out a few guards(non-lethal takedowns), unlock some doors and open a weapons locker. I then save my game(overwriting a previously saved game,NOT the one mentioned above) before attempting to hack a computer. I fail the hack so reload the saved game whereas it puts me back down in front of Quinn's shop. Thinking that I just forgot to save before I attempted to hack the computer I again take the elevator up to Administration but notice the things I did AFTER the first save and BEFORE the second save are done(knocked out guards, unlocked doors, etc.). And every save I make at this point in game puts me back in front of Quinn's shop with the previous actions I've taken done. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON HERE AND HOW TO FIX IT OR AM I DOOMED TO KEEP RESTARTING IN FRONT OF QUINN'S SHOP?