View Full Version : ABILITIES Getting out of Bola

18th May 2014, 20:19
I have a question about the bola.
I've seen a few cases that vampires get out the the bola quicker than normal.
I was wondering if this is some sort of bug, or if there is a way to break out of bola?

OBS: Btw, it didn't seem result of an ability...such as Tyrant's "ignore pain".

18th May 2014, 20:52
It breaks after a damage cap, 250 if i remember correctly.

19th May 2014, 02:32
Ah thanks.
I found it weird that one vampire in particular broke out of 2 bolas in a row...But indeed we were attacking him, so this makes sense now.

19th May 2014, 02:42
Damage cap = 350 for now.