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22nd Aug 2012, 20:26
After first completing the game shortly after release, I decided a few days ago to do another Human Revolution play-through and get myself the pacifist and foxiest of the hounds achievements while I was at it. I played through derelict row as part of the "Cloak and Daggers" quest, taking down all the gang members with non-lethal take-downs and checking the bodies to make sure that they were unconscious and not dead. Now running back through derelict row on my way to the antenna heliport I happened to glance down at the body of one of the gang members and I have discovered that since I last left him he has made the transition from unconscious to dead.

To clear up what may be the first questions, I remember taking out this guy distinctly, I didn't hold down Q and cut him to ribbons, he was stunned on the ground floor, so his body didn't take any kind of a fall, there was no electricity or gas around or anything like that. When I took this guy down he was classed as unconscious, but now he's listed as dead.

Is the game going to count me as having killed this guy? If it is then what utter BS. The game obviously privileges a non-lethal approach, it gives extra XP and achievements for doing so, but despite this it cannot actually distinguish between taking a lethal and non-lethal approach? Even if I waste hours replaying from an earlier save, how do I know that I didn't knock somebody out back at the Sarif Induntries Plant say, only to have the game reclassify him as dead by the time I left the level? Could this happen at any time, might I knock somebody out later in Montreal, go into the next room and then have him die on me without me ever being able to realise this? Do I just have to play through to the end with my fingers crossed in the almost certain expectation that somebody will have died somewhere without me even being present to see it?

To try to get a feel for other peoples' experience of this I watched some random videos from play-throughs posted on youtube. Most of them had titles like "Pacifist/Foxiest/Legend Walkthrough" while at the same time showing the player smashing through walls and snapping the necks of the guys of the other side, so it seems unlikely that they actually achieved what they claim they achieved.

Has anybody actually managed a pacifist play-through? I mean actually achieved it, not just having done their best and putting the fact that they didn't get it down to a bug and then claiming that they got it in an effort to add a minute length to their e-peen.

I realise that I've gone on for some length here, but I'm genuinely baffled to see something like this in a game which has supposedly reached a highly patched state. Its only sheer fluke that I even noticed that the guy is now (for some sudden and mysterious reason) being classed as dead. If I hadn't spotted it then it would be like a game allowing you to achieve an objective, telling you that you had achieved the objective, then allowing you to play on through to the end before telling you that "Oh wait, you didn't actually complete that objective at all, so you just spent 50 hours or so not actually completing the game that you thought you were completing! You must feel pretty silly now! Oh well, better look next time!"

I'm really hoping somebody is going to be able to tell me that the death isn't going to count, that there's a console command I can use to correct this or something like that, but I'm sceptical. Even if I waste hours of my time replaying most of Detroit, this incident has made it clear to me that even if I continue using non-lethal take-downs every time and checking every body, I will still stand very little chance of success, because somewhere along the way some unconscious guy will suddenly slip away without me even being there at the time.

As I said before what utter BS.

23rd Aug 2012, 15:19
I understand your disappointment, but just know there are glitches here and there. I believe you experienced a glitch. It is unfortunate that it happen after hours of gameply and trying to get pacifist. There are other glitches like when I was completely in cover and hiding inside a vent in FEMA and the robot got hostile after walking over my location which there is no way it could've seen me. I had a few turned dead after a non-lethal takedown as well. Another is when Boss 2, during the fight, she just froze in place and you have fight free rein to do what you want. There are numerous others. Don't let that deter you too much, though. I think it's part of the complexity of the game development and gameplay. It doesn't happen too often. What is good about the game, too me at least, is I haven't got bored playing it over and over again no matter how many times I play and beat it. It is always enjoyable to replay and find things I haven't found before or fnding different ways of doing things and getting things done. I've been a gamer since childhood and not many games like DX makes you to want more. Too many games, you beat it one and that's it; no interest for more or to replay. I got the Platinum which achieving all trophies of DX and recently all for Missing Link (without any cheat or code, I have to add), so you can do it. I guess I can say is to be mindful that are glitches here and there. Save your location often. If it happens and I don't like it, then I reload and do it again. What I noticed is that the glitch doesn't happen consecutively or often.