View Full Version : Possible to deactivate the RADAR (PS3)

17th Aug 2012, 11:24
Is there a way to deactivate the radar (on the PS3 version of this game) which is shown in the lower left corner? Didnt find a option for it. Maybe there is a cheat or something like that?!

Thank you.

18th Aug 2012, 15:19
Holy *beep*, no way.. why would you want the radar hud out?? That is an important weapon for Jensen's arsenal. That's like his Robin for Batman... or Catwoman, haaa! Ok, that is your weapon to track the bad guys' movements. Definitely a vital tool for stealth takedown. It allows you to stay hidden and track when the instant the bad guy turns around away so you can sneak in behind and take that sorry *beep* out. I also have the PS3 and no way to turn it off.. but I would agree on an in-game option to be able to switch on and off.