View Full Version : Object Destruction

15th Aug 2012, 16:31
There are a lot of objects such as cranes, fuel tanks and more placed on the map that you can destroy.

I wondered, when you destroy let's say a big crane, does it stays destroyed or does it respawns back to its original condition?

17th Aug 2012, 09:49
If the game is autosaved or if you manually save it, then yes, unfortunately it will stay as destroyed. For me it is maybe the biggest fault in the game. It would have been quite easy to make it so that objects will respawn and just have different colour, for example. Or have an option to show objects destroyed or not. For me this is a problem, because I do want to progress in the game and destroy objects, but destroyed object is not as good looking as intact object. Those majestic radio masts for example. They look great and can be seen from quite far away. You can also climb top of those with your grappling hook and admire the scenery. Destroying those (which does look good) means that they just are not there anymore. No fun in that. Also gas stations look especially bad after fuel pumps have been blown up and the roof has collapsed.

My solution for destruction fever is sometimes just to not save, if I have destroyed a lot of objects. It is like having your cake and eating it too. :)