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14th Aug 2012, 12:04
Hi Guys,

I've recently got myself one of the Raspberry Pi computers and have started playing about on Linux for the first time.

It then dawned on me, just how much I love DX:HR (and the rest of the series) and how awesome the desktop themes were within the game. The UI was clean, well presented and just plain awesome. Its a real shame that current O/Ss don't look/act like that...

Well, I'd like to have a crack at engineering one for the Pi. From login, right through to the desktop, terminal and mail clients. I know its a long shot, and I'm sure I've seen people try similar things in the past, but I'd like to see a whole new linux distro for the die heard Deus Ex fans to play with! (Please point me in the right direction if someone has already built one!!)

It would probably be a bad idea to just do it solo, so this thread is to reach out to the community (and the team at Eidos) and at least get the ball rolling :)

Your thoughts and comments would be most welcome!

First of all, a question for Eidos:

Would this be infringing on the game's IP or are there likely to be any other reasons for me to cease and dessist before I've even started? I don't want to tread on anyone's toes :/

Fingers crossed its a green light for this fanboy... :P


14th Aug 2012, 15:40
I'll send Coyotegrey a link to this, see what he or the company has to say. Neat idea. :)

14th Aug 2012, 19:24
As long as you don't charge for it or don't reverse engineer any component from the game's files, I don't think it would be an issue.