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13th Aug 2012, 23:51
Note: some spoilers here!

So I bought ML in the Steam sale and just finished playing it, and boy was this little mission a blast! Really, it seems that you learned quite a bit from making DE:HR and put some improvements into this DLC.

For example, I liked that the big decision towards the end of the game actually had an impact on what happened - this is a big improvement compared to the 'press a button for a cutscene' ending of DE:HR.

The characters in ML were really interesting and I felt interested in them, although I have to say that I felt the whole Burke thing got a little silly towards the end... At least it wasn't a boss fight! It was pretty cool that I was able to knock him out and take his golden gun ^_^

And of course, THAT character at the end, although not entirely unexpected, was still a nice surprise and very interesting to talk to. Oh and the CASIE thing was brilliant =p

I felt that the whole thing required perhaps more difficulty, but overall it was a very good DLC, and something of an example to other developers on how to do it properly.

Finally, I'd like to say that I'd be very interested in The Further Adventures Of Adam Jensen, in whatever form they might take. Something to consider.

Or hell, do Deus Ex 4 with a completely new character.

14th Aug 2012, 09:53
Wait, there's actually a use for selecting the CASIE aug in Missing Link?

After playing Missing Link I do rather wish there was some more DLC, but a Deus Ex 4 would be even better. I don't know about it needing a new character though. I never asked for that.

14th Aug 2012, 19:23
Yeah, Missing Link was pretty badass, I felt like I was playing through the first ACT of MGS2:SoL all over again.

25th Aug 2012, 07:04
Just finished it myself, even though I had it for months and played DX:HR the moment it came out too.

Great action, fantastic atmosphere on the boat especially, overall a fun little side-plot (with a cool cameo from a DX1 character! Yes!) My big qualm with it is the unnecessary back-tracking, specifically for a certain scanner. With those biometric-scan loading screens, it took so long and added nothing but empty boring play time. Other than that, it was solid fun. I liked that the difficulty was a bit ramped up, and going from no-augs to beefed-up-with-augs really emphasized the feeling of being a total badass. Some of the setpieces made for very cool strategic elimination of opposition.

Boss fight was better, handled him with what I thought was a creative solution - drop a gas grenade into his compartment, spent my last praxis points on poison gas resistance, ran in while he was coughing and did a lethal takedown. Very satisfying finish!

The big "moral choice" of the DLC was quite good, really had to think quick. It's amazing that there is a 3rd, hidden option available too, that the game doesn't clue you in about. Gutsy move to keep it secret, that I unfortunately didn't discover myself while playing.

I think the very end, when we hear the final conversation as the last cutscene plays, implies that Adam Jensen will return for more adventures... anyone else also feel that this is a hint to a DX sequel in which Adam is still involved? Very cool.

I'm also curious if anyone can tell me (spoilers) if there's any follow-up of some kind with the female prisoner in the interrogation cell who wants you to release her because I never heard from that character again after the first conversation. Also what does "Quinn" say at the end if you try to use CASIE on him? Clips on youtube are all cut short.

Great DLC, glad I bought it on sale too.

25th Aug 2012, 17:30
I agree with you all. Yeah, it was bad ass. Although, it's not the first time Jensen's CASIE didn't work. Didn't work on Malik at the Alice Pod or on Selazny (is that how you spell it?) for Doc Wing's side mission. I thought that Burke was just to easy to get to and take out, and it could do without having to sit through his rant and close-up before clearing the detention door. That was the least enjoyable part. It would be better if you could exit the door. I don't care if he keeps on his ranting, but not be stuck there having to stare at his nose hair. I like the ways the bad guys' AI seem a bit more lively and unexpected. I also agree, from the end, seems to elude to further ventures of Adam Jensen.

Yeah, EIDOS/SE, it would be nice to have more DLC while you make us wait for DX4 and even a prequel DLC.. Mexicantown, perhaps..? Hmmm..