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8th Aug 2012, 09:12
I have a lot of questions accumulated concerning some things of BO1. I hope to get answers at least on some of them as it would help me to sort out certain details I don't understand. On the other hand these questions would help to revive in your memory an impression and fun you had many years ago when you was eager to explore another cave in Nosgoth. So let's not waste this opportunity and plunge ourselves into these sweet reminiscences.

I list my questions below, divided into several groups of common subject matter. 'Tis possible that some questions don't have a definite answer. In this case any reasonable suppositions will be appreciated. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that so far I played understandingly only BO1, therefore if an answer is given in some other game of this series it would be better just to note its title. So let's roll, as the saying goes.

All sorts of stuff:

1) Sometimes at nights on the icon above the sundial together with a moon (or its part) remains a part of the sun. But when you save the game and load it only moon alone remains on that icon. So what is the point in sun being shown on that icon at the night?
2) Remember that intro aphorism, "There is a magical operation of maximum importance: the initiation of a new aion. When it becomes necessary to utter a word, the whole world must be bathed in blood". Let's think on it a bit. I take it the first sentence of this phrase refers to vampires extermination by the Sarafan, as well as the second part of the second sentence. But what about the first part of the second sentence, namely, which exactly word is in question and why it becomes necessary to utter it?
3) How many years have passed since events shown in intro took place (all of them)?


4) Why an old wizard in the intro hereinabove failed to cast a spell on Vorador?
5) Did Vorador killed six guardians in the Abernus Cathedral? There's mosaic on a floor depicting him and Malek fighting.
6) Why did he spared Malek first time they fought?
7) How did he managed to kill Malek in their last battle?


8) How much time had passed from the moment of Ariel's murder to Kain's murder?
9) Why it was Kain who became the guardian of balance and how did it happened?
10) How come Kain turned out to be insane and how his insanity showed itself?
11) How could be explained Kain's impossibility to transform into bats form in past and changed present?

The Pillars:

12) What kind of connection exists between the guardians if only insanity spreads among them, whereas other states like death, for example, has no effect on others when one of guardians dies?
13) Is a plague in Coorhagen a consequence of nature pillar corruption?
14) If a pillar represents a state of things in the world, why offering a guardian's item to a pillar restores it while its guardian is dead and there is no one to look after what it represents?


15) I've seen somewhere a quote of Kain's excluded monologue, in which he asserts that Hearts of Darkness are the hearts of Janos Audron's victims scattered far and wide ('tis obvious that Janos Audron couln't have so many hearts). The question is, what is so special about these hearts? Why hearts of victims of some obscure vampire don't have same properties?
16) Somewhere on this forum I've read that Vorador was transformed into Vampire by none other than Janos Audron. But how happens the transformation after all? Does it happens traditionally because of bite or there is some other method?


17) What was the point in helping William the Just by giving him a sword if Moebius must have known in principle that Kain would kill William anyway? Btw, was this sword really the Soul Reaver?
18) What was a benefint for Moebius in turning WtJ into Nemesis?
19) Why did he strived for vampires persecution?
20) If Moebius could really travel in time and foresee the future, why couldn't he prevent corruption of the Pillars as well as his own death?

Mortanius and the Unspoken:

21) I know the opinion that Hash'ak'gik is the Unspoken and also is a monster we see at the end of the game. But do we have any actual evidences to confirm it?
22) If we take into account only things recounted in the game, then everything looks like Mortainus preplanned his own death, which was the key to acquiring the power of something like demon he became eventually. However, 'tis not quite clear why didn't he commit suicide. I'm sure he had a lot of opportunities for dying (note how he calls Kain to kill him but resists). And what was all that mess with murdering Ariel and corrupting the Pillars needed for?
23) Of course I know about excluded dialogue of Mortanius and Anarcrothe. According to it, the final demon is a part of Mortanius's soul which splitted in two after he killed Ariel because of her love to Nupraptor and became insane. This dialogue elucidates the initial motives of Mortanius, but doesn't its exclusion means the dialogue is invalid?
24) If we assume that this dialogue is valid, then we have a contradiction: according to the dialogue, Mortanius turned into a demon because of insanity and wasn't going to purge the Circle at first. On the other hand we have a game data that cannot be invalid by definition, namely, a demon himself telling he planned everything including Ariel's murder. So how could he do that before Mortanius's soul was split, when the demon didn't exist yet?
25) Suppose that the part of the dialogue concerning Mortanius's motives is still true and he really killed Ariel because he was concerned about balance. But why did he thought love could interfere with balance? Did he really believed that any possible consequences like necessity of exterminating every circle member and bringing about even more disbalance are reasonable?
26) Suppose that the demon really is neither Mortanius humself nor a part of his soul but some other entity which possessed him. The Unspoken, that is. Then we have a whole number of questions. When exactly and why Mortanius became possessed by the Unspoken? Did the Unspoken controlled Mortanius during the Ariel's murder?
27) If the Unspoken really planned everything, how could he know that Nupraptor would go mad and his insanity would extend to the whole Cricle?
28) If Kain really was just a pawn of the Unspoken, then it means that restoration of Pillars was also a part of the Unspoken's plan. So why did the Unspoken want the balance restored? And what was he striving for by eliminating guardians?

P.S: If some question seems formulated unclear to you, feel free to tell about it. In that case I'll restate a question.

Strands Of Night
8th Aug 2012, 15:12
You have asked a lot of important questions here. Most are answered in other games. And if you want the full experience, play the rest of the series. Experience the revelation yourself!

Dont read the replies. It will be spoiled by someone telling you about "minor" plot points, that to the first time player are revelations. Causing you to sit there for many minutes after a cut scent to reassert your understanding of the game.

You may not get huge spoilers here. But I guarentee you will not be as impressed with the other games if you read it here first.

When time permits i will attempt to answer some that i think are not related to the other games of the series. Or just say the game, with no details, where you would find an answer.

Here are some answers for you. No spoilers added.

1. I think this may be a bug. I dont recall ever seeing this happen for me.
2. I believe this is open to some interpretation. But I could be wrong.
3. The other games cover all of these scenes, and rougly when they happened.
4. Not sure if this is ever answered directly in the other games. But I wont spoil anything with a theory.
5. Yes. He killed 6 guardians. All their deaths are not shown. (Edit: As Baz notes below, NOT in Avernus)
6. Good quesion. Not sure myself. I suppose Mortainius could have kept him from dying long enough to damn him to the armor. But thats just speculation.
7. Unsure.
8. This is answered in SR2.
9. Answered in SR2
10. Answered in SR2
11. He travels back to when The Nemisis was young. 25-40 years. So the landmarks that he could fly to would all still be present. But Im unsure of how he would have flown to the Bat Beacons. Memory maybe?
12. This is answered in more detail in SR2, and (I feel) in Defiance as well.
13. Sicknss is part of nature, corrupt or not. But I don't know for certain. It's a good theory.
14. Answered in SR2.
15. Amy Hennig, Writer/Director of SR, SR2, and Defiance stated that the Hearts you find are not Janos Audrons actual heart, but magical tokens representing its power. I dont believe that it is cannon that they are the hearts of victims.
16. This is answered (not always in Voradors case in particular) in several other games. SR1, and Defiance for sure. Perhaps SR2 as well.
17. This is answered in SR2.
18. Youre confused. The Nemisis came about on his own. With no help from Moebius. When Moebius interfered it was to essentially delete the Nemisis from time. Altering the war-torn Willendorf and the Nesmisis armies into Willendorf and the late William the Justs armies. United against the vampire race that assassinated a great ruler. (Edit: I am wrong Moebius interferes either way. But I cant go into detail.)
19. Answered in Defiance.
20. The answer here is complicated. It is further explained in the rest of the series.
21. SR2 and Defiance answer most questions about The Unspken, and Hash'Ak'Gik.
22. Explained throughout the series.
23. Yes, it is invalid.
24. Also invalid.
25. This is not wholly invalid, and is answered in Defiance.
26. Answered in Defiance.
27. Answered throughout the series.
28. This question (along with several others you asked) is a twisted, brancing, and colliding road that has an answer. And you will be open mouthed and wide eyed at the answers, and how the story gives you those answers. It still blows me away to read your question(s) and think about the way everything plays out. Please, purchase the other games and play them. You will get your answers, in the most fantastic of ways. Errrr... I mean...

"You Will Have The Blood You Hunger For!"

8th Aug 2012, 16:33
Yeah, as Strands notes, a lot of this is covered in further titles, but Attempting to avoid major spoilers, here's what I can answer quickly (Spoilers tags are areas where the info from later games comes in)

1)gameplay and technical issues, not plot related.
2)Probably not that literal (though it could well be) ... This effectively sums up the events of the game
3)500 yrs(though it was 5000 originally, generally seen as 500 now)

4)We have asked - and not been told yet
5)No ;he killed six, but that location is later revealed to be the Sarafan Stronghold, but Malek's punishment is probably set in Avernus.
6) Umm...He knows Malek'll get punished for his failure - an "eternity of suffering"
7)He didn't, just knocked him out - Malek was human then so it wasn't so hard. If you're referring to the battle at Dark Eden, then it's generally assumed Vorador inflicted enough damage on Malek's armor that it could not contain his soul.

8)30 years
9)Guardians are 'chosen' from birth - he was fated to take this role as soon as Ariel died.
10)He was corrupted, virtually from birth, by Nupraptor's attack on the circle (when Nupraptor find's Ariel's body). Personality shows it a bit.
11)gameplay and technical issues, not plot related.

12)er slightly confused by this one...guardians are symbiotically bound to their pillars and other guardians; any time a guardian dies another is born to take their place (notable exception is Kain whose soul is prevented from returning to the pillars, stopping another Balance guardian being born).
13)Not necessarily, we are in a Medieval-style world.
14)er...as above, another is born, destined to take up the role. Giving the binding item back effectively wipes the slate clean for another to be born (again exception is Balance guardians, bound by their souls - and Kain's soul is prevented from returning)

15)No, not excluded dialogue. A develoer interview states that these are 'relics' and there is only one real Heart of Darkness. They're probably are just religious representations filled with blood or something.
16)Spoilery... but yesSecond part is not fully explained yet.

17)Spoilery again, but not giving this one away - it's a major plot point of SR2. Needless to say, it is the Soul Reaver held by both.
18)To provoke a big time manipulation - Strands is actually mistaken here, Moebius is repeatedly stated to be a big influence on the creation of the Nemesis, but later games confuse this with their time travel logic - regardless of whether or not he changed history to do it, Moebius conspired with William for about 40 years in that timeline, ultimately to provoke Kain's change in history which eliminated the vampire race.
19)You'll find out in Defiance.
20)Spoilery, but essentially, he doesn't want to (or can't personally change it anyway), besides what he's manipulated suits him just fine anyway.

21)Sort of - The cult worshiping Hash is ultimately behind the corruption etc, but it becomes dubious as to whether Hash'ak'gik is the actual name of the entity or just something they made up to command worship.
22)Spoilery ish but essentially, Mort is possessed and not 100% in control of his actions - he resurrects Kain to fight back, knowing his undead son will come for him eventually and get rid of DE.
23)Yes - it is cut content and not necessarily valid. Final game leaves culpability to the Dark Entity
24)It's an alternate ending if you will, in the original Mort reacts to Ariel and Nupraptor's love, but the madness allows him to realise that the Pillars and guardians are ancient relics themselves. In the final game, culpability is down to the mysterious 'Dark Entity' possessing Mortanius (who incidentally isn't actually a Demon, but something else entirely)
25)He was concerned about Balance.. and stopping DE's plans to upset it.
26)It is a separate entity. We only have vague details of when the possession began, but this Dark Entity was responsible for Ariel's murder.
27)er...they can see into the time-stream.
28)Choose the bad ending - that's the canon one. The Pillars weren't restored but destroyed by Kain, later games reveal why this situation would benefit DE and "them".

Hope these answers are clear, or in some cases, deliberately unclear enough to force you to play through the rest of the series and uncover the answers for yourself.:p

8th Aug 2012, 17:02
Like the other guys, I strongly recommend that you play the other games before reading into these questions too much, because we'll simply spoil a lot of the fun revelations.

A lot of plot points in BO1 are deliberately left a bit vague, but are addressed to the full in later games, and the series should be treated as a holistic experience.

9th Aug 2012, 07:57
How everything is complex. But I get the idea. 'Tis actually good that all games of the series are interrelated (which is rare lately) and I'm sure to play through all of them. Anyway, thanks for your answers, guys. Maybe I'll return to this thread over some time.