View Full Version : How Do I Land Safely With A Cassius 192?

Panay Air
3rd Aug 2012, 15:36
Arghhhh!! The Plane Always Skids Or Slips on The Runway! Sometimes It Explodes When It Skids! How Do I Land Safely With The Cassius 192 Without Skiding Or Slipping Or Exploding?? :):rasp::rasp::cool::lol::lmao:

6th Aug 2012, 07:42
Wrong game. Just Cause is all about exploding :lol:

7th Aug 2012, 22:25
I don't often land with the Cassius because it's one of the hardest aircraft to fly. Pretty much, you've got to take it slowly. Line up perfectly, slowly, straight, and make sure your wheels just softly touch the ground. Go in for the landing, and then right before you land, point the nose of the plane up a bit so the wheels hit the ground, not the plane itself.

Don't hit the ground too hard.

Good luck!