View Full Version : Info Required: Does anyone know the history of this?

1st Aug 2012, 19:47
I've just bought this statue of Lara which was rescued from a skip outside the Finance House for Eidos in London.


It obviously commemorates the sale of Eidos to Square Enix in 2009 but I wondered if anyone had any idea of how many of these were made and who they were presented to?

Any information will be much appreciated.


1st Aug 2012, 23:16
Aww I'm sad, I tried to buy that >.>

2nd Aug 2012, 08:43
What's a "skip"? Trash container?

2nd Aug 2012, 15:08
Yes Driber, like an American 'dumpster'. Criminal isn't is? :rolleyes:

Hey TombRaiderKuchen, you should message the seller, he had 3 in total but gave one to his daughter. He's still git another boxed one though unless he put out a second chance offer.


2nd Aug 2012, 15:11
Well when you think about it...who would like to be reminded that their company had to be sold? :D

2nd Aug 2012, 15:15
I hadn't thought of it like that.

That puts a whole new perspective on things and sort of makes me understand why finding out any details about this is so difficult.


2nd Aug 2012, 17:06
I just noticed.... Was Eidos sold for 84 MILLION dollar? That's insane, I thought it was up for grabs for just 1 million dollar O_o

2nd Aug 2012, 18:24
I just noticed.... Was Eidos sold for 84 MILLION dollar? That's insane, I thought it was up for grabs for just 1 million dollar O_o

You must be joking.

Eidos was having offices worldwide and owned many dev studios. You can't buy that for a measly 1M :nut:

3rd Aug 2012, 14:39
I got the piece in the post this morning and the pics really don't do it justice.

Here she is in my Artifact cabinet



4th Aug 2012, 15:17
Show off :p

Hey have you considered signing up for Croft Couture?

4th Aug 2012, 18:14
I wasn't aware I could do that to be honest.


4th Aug 2012, 21:27
Think Driber is confusing and thinking of the Tomb Raider Tours instead. Unless you're also a cosplayer, but I'm fairly sure that's not the case. :D

5th Aug 2012, 00:57

Yeah, that wouldn't be very nice at all, more like a pantomime dame.


5th Aug 2012, 06:04

You're absolutely right, Lucas. I completely mixed up Croft Couture with TR Tours!

Wow, that would have been funny if GBUK applied for Croft Couture :lol:

Something like....



Heh, yeah, shoot an email to Meagan, GBUK. She might feature your collection on the official blog :)

And of course it'll then also be in our TR Tours thread (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=125414) ;)

5th Aug 2012, 14:17

Brilliant pic! I hope I don't have nightmares.

Yes, I've seen the TR Tours, some great collections in there, I'll drop Meagan a line and see what comes of it.