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16th May 2014, 17:32
All of his lieutenants received a different portion of his gifts. Some larger and some smaller. But they all have such different and dynamic abilities. With that being said, who do you think would win in an all out free for all?

To make it more clear, let's assume they were all fully evolved and at full power before devolving into monsters

16th May 2014, 17:43
Raziel, Then turiel then dumah as the are started to be the strongest in order listed

16th May 2014, 18:02
There's skill and intelligence to consider as well as brute strength and of course the environment they were fighting it would be a factor. If Rahab was underwater, the only one who might stand a chance is Turel because of his telekinisis. In a dark underground area, Melchiah might have the advantage and Turel wouldn't be much use due to his blindness. Zephon might (knowing that Dumah would beat him in a straight up fight) find a way to avoid fighting him altogether and set up a trap instead.

16th May 2014, 18:13
Let's be imaginative and make it so any scenario is possible so nobody is at a disadvantage

16th May 2014, 19:32
you would think TK would OP all other abilities, giving Turel the edge. Did Raziel have TK before his wraithyness?

16th May 2014, 19:34
Did Raziel have TK before his wraithyness?

I donĀ“t think so, he only got it from Turel/Tomb Guardian

16th May 2014, 19:40
thats what i thought, which would give a HUGH advantage to Turiel, TK throw any other LT into water, but maybe Raziel can counter it with magic

16th May 2014, 21:18
Well assuming Zephon can Dominate Mind like the deciever, the same could be said for him. I think they would try and eliminate the strongest first so Turel may be the first to fall since Raziel can fly and would be difficult to fight. But Zephon could maybe maybe Raziel fly straight into the ground and kill himself. Rahab would be one of the most dangerous because im sure he would be underestimated out of water.

16th May 2014, 21:37
I doubt that Zephon could dominate Raziel, he is just to strong... Also mental powers are not exclusive to Zephonim at least if you lookk at the lore there should be alot of abilities that any vamp could have and i think mind control is one of them. It is only for deceivers for gameplay reasons. at least thats what i think

16th May 2014, 22:55
In a dark underground area, Melchiah might have the advantage and Turel wouldn't be much use due to his blindness.

A dark, underground environment would suit Turel just fine, since his hearing at that point would likely be increased. Not to the point of his fully (d)evolved form, but still I wouldn't count him out.