View Full Version : Could you folks release HIGH RES .wmvs from the Sarif Industries site?

30th Jul 2012, 07:53
Mainly because a lot of the various pages - especially the unhacked ones - would make GREAT animated desktop backgrounds. Currently my animated desktop background is Wheatley, from Portal 2, floating aimlessly in space, but I would prefer something more akin to the the more minimalist, beautiful art direction you guys took Deus Ex: Human Revolution in.

Animated desktop wallpapers >>> traditional desktop wallpapers

... but there are essentially no good Deus Ex options out right now! There's a couple fan-made ones but they're all fairly low resolution =(

NOTE: I'm talking about the graphic, slightly animated images; the hand floating in the center with the eyeball, with the Sarif Industries logo in the top left, which twinkles every once in a while, with the small rotating pyramid underneath, the subtle movements that made the website feel alive.

That subtle, gorgeous approach made your webpage (and would make my desktop) feel more alive and intricate, and I'd love to have it on my desktop.

Thanks so much.

30th Jul 2012, 08:24
Oh, and on a related note - would it be possible for you guys to put up a mirror to an unhacked version of the http://sarifindustries.com/ ?

I never got to see it pre-hacking and it'd be nice to be able to go back through and see all the original content!

6th Aug 2012, 20:57

6th Aug 2012, 21:19
EM staff members don't really come around these parts, but try tweeting in the direction of @CoyoteGrey, @GeneralVu, @Jonatchoo, @Jeffachoo or @DavidAnfossi and you might get the ball rolling.

27th Aug 2013, 20:14
They never responded, but I'm desperate so I'll try again.

7th Sep 2013, 06:27
I heard back from @Coyotegrey but he doesn't work at Eidos Montreal unfortunately so he can't help =(

7th Sep 2013, 07:37
Try JJB on Facebook, he might be able to put you in contact with someone. Just don't get your hopes up.