View Full Version : sad news, deusex.pl closed

24th Jul 2012, 18:46
One of the best franchise fan pages around was closed today, after 11 years. Such a pity, such a great source of information. Do you know any rich DX fan pages left? Because I am afraid the age of fan pages has come to an end, in general. Remember how popular pages like PlanetUnreal etc used to be?

25th Jul 2012, 14:53

25th Jul 2012, 18:14
I know how you feel but I suppose your assesment is correct in that fan pages seem to be a thing of the past now.

25th Jul 2012, 18:46
:( they always had artwork or screenshots I couldnt find anywhere else

25th Jul 2012, 19:02
The wayback machine sort of works, except, it's like browsing a corpse.

25th Jul 2012, 19:15
BeyondUnreal and all its related sites are down too.

Those games are becoming abandonware :(

25th Jul 2012, 19:25
BeyondUnreal and all its related sites are down too.
BU is still up for me. Also, this is sad news indeed. :(

26th Jul 2012, 02:09
Someone must have saved all the pictures!

Geralt z Rivii
26th Jul 2012, 03:31

One of my most favorite fan pages.