View Full Version : Patch Notes - 15th May 2014 Update

16th May 2014, 09:20
Evolved Skins
- Evolved Skins are now available for unlock or purchase
- Reaching Level 25 for the Reaver, Tyrant, or Sentinel classes will unlock the Evolved Skin for that class for free (A better interface for explaining class levelup rewards is coming soon)

- Class level cap increased to Level 25
- Fixed an experience calculation issue causing the client to display your Rank and Class Levels incorrectly. You may see your rank or levels decrease. You are not losing experience but simply seeing the correct value. This indirectly fixes the issue where users were not receiving levelup rewards as they were not actually that level yet.

Sweeping Kick
- Now causes Stumble instead of Knockdown
- Damage increased to 375, was 350
- Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds, was 12

- Fixed climbing issue on walls in Sommerdamm and Freeport

16th May 2014, 12:19
Glad to see the skins are out! Though I could have sworn the original intention was to have them be at level 20 with 20 being the level cap, ah well not a big deal.

Huge thumbs up for fixing the issues in Freeport and Sommerdamn, some of those wall issues were really frustrating.

16th May 2014, 12:46
Yeah super disappointed that the level for evolved skins was raised. I had worked my as off getting sentinel to 21. Oh wellll