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10th Jul 2012, 08:00
[00:42] <miek|gatewayP3> dn when you tranq people in deu sex do they ever wake up again?
[00:42] <dn> probably
[00:42] <dn> ive never even held a tranq gun
[00:42] <Sudos|X120e> that, plus
[00:42] <miek|gatewayP3> because i tranq'd a cop like 2 hours ago
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> and he's still just laying in the street
[00:43] <dn> dude move him
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> why
[00:43] <dn> dont just leave him in the street
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> why not, nobodys doing anything
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> other cops just walk by him
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> lol
[00:43] <dn> lol @ trying to be stealthy and
[00:43] <dn> HAHA
[00:43] <dn> really
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> yup
[00:43] <miek|gatewayP3> lol
[00:44] <dn> oh well
[00:44] <dn> i was gonna say its fun to play like its real
[00:44] <dn> but thats just retarded
[00:44] <miek|gatewayP3> although i tranqued him with like
[00:44] <miek|gatewayP3> 30 darts
[00:44] <dn> LOL
[00:44] <miek|gatewayP3> maybe that has something to do with it
[00:44] <dn> LOL
[00:44] <miek|gatewayP3> :D
[00:44] <dn> hes dead u retard
[00:44] <dn> people can only take lke 4 or 5
[00:44] <miek|gatewayP3> lololol i was wondering if the game has a concept of tranq overdose
[00:44] <dn> even the boss only takes 20
[00:44] <miek|gatewayP3> oh
[00:44] <dn> lol
[00:45] <dn> haha that should be on a deus ex forum
[00:45] <miek|gatewayP3> lolz
[00:45] <miek|gatewayP3> lolz
[00:46] <miek|gatewayP3> whats even better is i put one tranq dart in each eye
[00:46] <miek|gatewayP3> after i first knocked him out

10th Jul 2012, 08:43
Liek dis if u cry evry tiem

10th Jul 2012, 12:00
The boss takes 20?


10th Jul 2012, 12:21
That was painful...

11th Jul 2012, 02:28
if youre going for the "no kill" trophy, be careful to not stack too many tranqued, unconscious bodies on top of one another, especially in a confined space. (like an air vent, for example)

its funny, i used to jam as many of them as i could in there, & then i'd insist on making sure the vent door(s) were closed too.

later i recrawled through, only to discover a few of them somehow died! (from blunt force trauma, or most likely starvation/ dehydration? idk)

suffice to say reprogramming the robots to "enemies" doesnt jive either. no trophy for me this playthrough. i decided i should take a break from the game, @ this point. :)

as far as i know, bosses do not count against the trophy. kill away. no sense possibly wasting 20+ tranqs on them anywho.

11th Jul 2012, 06:38
Given that this isn't:

A) A question

B) Coherent

C) Any discernable language

I'm going to go ahead and say LOCKDOWN