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7th Jul 2012, 18:04
I would not have played TML had it not been for the PC Gamer review of the DLC. Suffice to say I was disappointed with full game, and had pretty much expected the same for any DLC that was forthcoming, but the PC Gamer review said enough for me to give it a try. I put this post here not so much for community discussion, but in the hope the team will read it, and recognize what made it great for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing The Missing Link.

This game feels different from HR, it feels harder, darker, colder. All important aspects of the Deus Ex world. The story is interesting and well told through the mystery Russian voice/Quinn character. The environments and challenges are exactly what I expect from a DX game. So far I have only ghosted through TML, so I don't know how players who like to gun their way through levels, faired.

I love the fact that Praxis points are very well hidden and very expensive, this heightens the players experience forcing them to consider all angles before committing to a single course of action – that was great. It also seems that mission rewards are slightly lower(less Praxis points given) this is fantastic because it keeps the game fresh and prevents the player from becoming too augmented too soon. If this feature had been in the full game, we would see players doing 2-3 or more playthroughs just to see how the experience differed for them with different augmentation's.

For me ghosting, especially early on, ammunition was in short supply – big THUMBS UP! The levels in TML are excellent, forcing you(without being obvious)to confront challenges in your chosen manner. The multiple paths are there without again, being obvious, and they have some really nice additional challenges – such as a level 4-5 terminal. This again stops you and forces you to consider your next move. Excellent stuff.

I can't find anything to seriously ***** about with TML and that's really a big compliment from me. Quinn's store didn't have every imaginable firearm, upgrade or ammunition available. That not only surprised me but made me very happy. TML is not a walk over, it's not a bit of easy DLC bolted on to the end of the full game. TML is subtlety different from HR to give quite a different(for me at least)experience than the one I got from the full game. I applaud the team for this and I hope that the differences between HR and TML are deliberate rather than accidental.

This gamer is now keeping his ear to the ground, waiting for any news on further DLC for HR.


8th Jul 2012, 04:15
I loved Human Revolution, but the DLC certainly did a few things better. Namely, the Boss Fight and the difficulty. :thumb: