View Full Version : Got 20 praxis kits, what to do? (possible minor spoilers)

7th Jul 2012, 04:08
Alright so I have 20 praxis kits available to use and I'm not quite sure what to upgrade at this point since I've already got most of my essentials. Here's what I have (augmentations that I have not listed are the ones I don't have or are already given at the start of the game, same goes for the ones labelled with "GIVEN"):

Hacking: Capture (4/8)
- Capture 1 (GIVEN)
- Capture 2
- Capture 3
- Camera Domination (GIVEN)

Hacking: Stealth (3/3)
- Stealth 1
- Stealth 2
- Stealth 3

Typhoon Explosive System (2/2)
- Light Damage Variant
- Heavy Damage Variant

Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis (6/8)
- Instant Take-Down (GIVEN)
- Punch Through Wall
- Move/Throw Heavy Objects
- Carrying Capacity 1
- Carrying Capacity 2
- Carrying Capacity 3

Icarus Landing System (1/1)
- Descent Velocity Modulator

Dermal Armor (4/4)
- Damage Reduction 1
- Damage Reduction 2
- Damage Reduction 3
- EMP Shielding

I'm at the part where I spoke to David Sarif in Jensen's apartment after coming from Picus. My play style is basically non-lethal and sneaky. The only reason I got Dermal Armor and Typhoon is for boss fights. Not quite sure what to do with 20 praxis kits at this point lol.

12th Jul 2012, 01:25
mark & track is a useful little gadget, especially for stealthy approaches. improved vision allows you to see through walls.

other than that, i would also highly recommend the leg enhancements, they allow you to jump higher (very useful on the detroit & hengsha hubs, where there are alot of out of reach alternate paths) & sprint/ run silently.

also, go for the lung enhancements. they make you immune to poisonous gasses, & enable jensen to sprint for longer periods of time, making going where he wants to go take less time. (this will also enhance the leg aug's sprint/ stealth capabilities)

then all you need is the retinal flash protection, & youre pretty much immune to everything. (emp, flash, gas; you mentioned already having the armor, so why not?)

thats the beauty of deus ex. theres no wrong way to play, really.

a little tip to help experiment, just save before you upgrade, then if you dont like what youve chose, reload & try something else. ;)

12th Jul 2012, 02:32
Don't spend the kits on anything, instead keep them and work by the mantra I always use. "greater strength for greater challenges" meaning only upgrade when you come to an impasse that only an augmentation that fits you're chosen playstyle can help you get past.